Comedian Amy Schumer BASHES Trump During Her Show, Crowd Starts Booing & Leaves

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Comedian Amy Schumer was in Tampa on Sunday night performing at the Amalie Arena in front of thousands of fans and it is no surprise that she brought some drama mixed in with the laughter.

During Sunday night’s show, Schumer brought a Trump supporter named Dave on stage, to ask him why he supports the Republican Presidential candidate. He told Schumer that he “can’t trust Hillary.” She mocked the presidential candidate and the supporter and then said that Trump was an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake college-starting monster.”


Trump supporters started booing the “Trainwreck” star and some were even seen leaving their seats.

Schumer went on to ask people who favor Trump to raise their hand and come up.

David Pettinato was in the crowd but hesitated, “I didn’t originally put my hand up,” he said.

Pettinato went on to explain that a guy next to him raised his hand, but he had short sleeves on, “she goes, I don’t want anybody with short sleeves, I want somebody with sleeves.”

In his button up shirt, Pettinato raised his hand.

“Please let him up,” said Schumer in the video now posted on Youtube.

The comedian went on, “tell me why Trump has your vote.”

Pettinato went on with a short answer: “because I can’t trust Hillary.”


In an interview with ABC Action News, Pettinato said he quickly realized where this was going, “within the first couple of seconds, I realized that my answers would either be twisted, turned or she was going to stop them.”

Schumer is currently on a U.S. tour through December 31.

This isn’t the first time that Schumer has caused issues with the people of Tampa Bay.

Schumer’s latest book, “The girl with the lower back tattoo,” mentions Tampa and says that the city is horrendous, but also questions if anyone in Tampa really reads.

(via: ABC Action News)

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