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  • BREAKING: Obama CAUGHT ILLEGALLY Sharing Classified Info on American Citizens

    Former (thank goodness) President, Barack Hussein Obama, was aware, for a  long time, that his National Security Agency (NSA) was intentionally intercepting the private communications of American citizens, in violation of the Constitution and of a Federal Court order. AND HE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court called the unconstitutional actions of the […] More

  • WTF?! Arlington Fire & Rescue Given Order To Remove American Flags From Trucks

    American flags were removed from three Arlington Fire District trucks Tuesday, sparking heated discussion on social media and disappointment from union members. Fire Chief Tory Gallante was directed by the Board of Fire Commissioners to remove the flags from the backs of the trucks during Monday’s meeting. He declined to comment on specifics of why the decision was made but said he is “very […] More