One Year After ISIS Kills American, Parents Reveal SICK Way Obama Treated Them

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Many people remember hearing about the tragic death of American aid worker Kayla Mueller at the hands of ISIS, but there’s a lesser known secret that President Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know about. As it turns out, he’s still trying to hide the nasty thing he did to the woman’s parents 17 months ago – and it was downright nasty.

For those unaware, Kayla Mueller was held hostage by ISIS in Iraq and killed in an airstrike before she could be rescued. Sick and tired of Obama’s lackadaisical response to the entire ordeal, the family has since come forward to expose the sick thing he did to them just after they had learned that their daughter had passed away.

Although the family did everything in their power to get Kayla back, they were eventually shut down by Obama and his administration as they threatened them with persecution if they paid the $6 million ransom – but that wasn’t the worst part. Unfortunately, Obama made the entire ordeal worse after her death by showing up to use their daughter’s death for a photo-op and promised to make a sizable donation to the foundation they started in her name.

Year After ISIS Kills American, Obama Hides NASTY Thing He Did To Her Folks

Kayla Mueller as seen in her “proof of life” video (Photo Source: ABC)

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, it wouldn’t have been if he had actually followed through on his word. Unfortunately, Obama instead decided to prove himself every bit as selfish and self-centered as we know him to be as he made an empty promise to make himself look better.

Too bad for him, it seems as though the months of trying to hide the lies have just come back to bite him as Kayla’s father blew the lid off the whole thing. “I’m still waiting for that donation, Mr. President,” Carl Mueller said to cameras during an ABC Newsinterview.

Year After ISIS Kills American, Obama Hides NASTY Thing He Did To Her Folks

President Barack Obama meeting with Kayla Mueller to make himself look good (Photo Source: ABC)

It’s funny how Obama always tries to look like the hero – but always seems to fall short. Rather than let a set of parents pay a ransom and bring their daughter home, he threatens them. When she dies because he hindered their efforts, he promises to make a donation in order to make himself look good, and then reneges as soon as he’s far enough away.

Meanwhile, he turns around and pays a $400 million ransom to Iran (a different type of Muslim terrorist) to get back American hostages and then denies doing so despite there being proof of the exchange. Obama has been nothing but a stain on this nation as he bumbles around only trying to further himself while disregarding everyone else. I can’t wait to have a president who loves this nation and the people in it again – there’s no excuse for this crap.

(via: Mad World News)

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