Violent Transgender “Vampire” Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Cognitively Disabled Teen Girl

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A serial sex offender has been convicted of assaulting a disabled teen girl in Wisconsin. Adam Hetke, who identifies as a female vampire named Sabrina, has a lengthy criminal history involving multiple sex offenses against women and outstanding charges related to a homicide.

Hetke, 35, was charged in July of 2021 with first-degree sexual assault by threatening the use of a dangerous weapon and second-degree sexual assault of a mentally ill victim. The assault occurred in Waukesha, and involved a 16-year-old cognitively disabled girl Hetke had met at a local gas station.

According to the complaint, Hetke terrified the girl, telling her he was a “vampire” who would harm her if she did not comply with his demands. He then followed her to her nearby home and sexually assaulted her. During the assault, Hetke kept a knife nearby and threatened to use it to harm her before the girl jumped out of a bedroom window and fled for help.

When he was arrested, he was wearing a one-piece swimsuit under his clothes and was holding a knife.

During trial, Hetke underwent a number of assessments to determine his ability to stand trial, but was found to be competent and deemed ineligible for the insanity plea. On April 11, Hetke was convicted on both counts he was charged with, and is set to be sentenced on June 7.

Hetke as of 2024. Photo Courtesy of the Waukesha Police Department.

But this is not Hetke’s first run-in with law enforcement.

Hetke is a registered sex offender in the state of Wisconsin, dating back to a 2007 conviction for second degree sexual assault. At the time, Hetke had been staying at a residential facility, and he physically overpowered a female staff member before groping her repeatedly. The victim was able to escape his grip and get away.

For the assault, Hetke was sentenced to 8 years in prison with 4 years on extended supervision, and was ordered to the sex offender registry for life.

Just before his release on January 26, 2016, the Waukesha Police Department warned the community that Hetke was at “high risk” to reoffend. In the announcement, they noted Hetke had no fixed residence, but that he would be monitored by a GPS tracker.

In 2019, Hetke was convicted once more of sexual assault involving a female victim, and was released from prison in 2020. The police bulletin again noted that Hetke was homeless and would be subjected to GPS monitoring, but also indicated that Hetke had begun identifying as a “woman.”

Following his second release from prison, Hetke was allegedly involved in a homicide in Milwaukee, for which he has yet to stand trial.

According to the complaint in that case, Hetke reportedly strangled a man to death using a power cord in April of 2021, though he apparently blamed the murder on a “demon.” He told Milwaukee police that the victim was “possessed by a demon” and began stabbing himself in the chest with tongs.

Hetke said he was only trying to exorcise the demon from the victim, but that the demon caused the victim to wrap a cord around his own neck and pull the ends. But a witness in that case has testified that Hetke admitted to murdering the man because he “disrespected” him, and that Hetke told the witness he was an incarnation of Satan.

Hetke is set to appear in court for that case on April 30.

According to the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry, Hetke goes by a number of aliases including: Sabrina, Morrigan, Black Dragon, White Chocolate, Katie, and Andre.

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