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Hungarian PM Says Alex Soros Is Planning To Orchestrate ‘Biggest Migrant Crisis in History’

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Alex Soros is preparing to stage the “largest migrant crisis in history,” according to Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary.

The current migrant relocation plan from the European Union is being funded and run by George Soros’ son Alex, who is more radical and dangerous than his father, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his weekly radio interview.

Orbán, who has long been a vocal critic of the Soros empire, warned that his heir is more ruthless in achieving the goals of the ‘Open Society’ foundations owned by the family. reports: The EU migration deal, which was reached earlier this month, was opposed by Hungary and Poland, with both countries objecting to accepting migrants who entered other countries. Under the parameters of the plan, EU member states would either have to accept a number of relocated asylum-seekers per year or pay €20,000 for each migrant refused.

According to Orbán, the plan would see some 8,500 migrants forced onto Hungary, however, the populist leader has so far maintained that he has no intention of abiding by the diktats from Brussels.

The Hungarian leader said that he believed the reason why the deal was struck, seemingly out of nowhere, was as a result of a lobbying effort from Alex Soros, whom he said “dictates an even tougher pace” than his father and that Hungary should prepare for the Soros family to ” incite the migrants, and increase the pressure on Hungary’s southern border.”

“One could say that the Soros empire has struck back, something that’s been forced down the throats of the majority of Europeans,” Mr Orbán said.

On Monday, George Soros announced that he would be handing over the reins of his empire to his son, 37-year-old Alexander “Alex” Sorors. For his part, Alex Soros has claimed to be “more political” than his globalist financier father.

In an interview this week with the Wall Street Journal, Soros said that he would continue to pursue hard-left policies on issues such as abortion, voting, and gender equality.

Following the announcement of the handover, Orbán was quick to respond, posting a gif on his Twitter account from The Godfather, showing Vito Corleone kissing his son Micheal, along which the Hungarian leader wrote: “Soros 2.0”.

In his Friday radio appearance, Orbán went on to accuse George Soros of acting as a “war speculator” and trying to stymie attempts from figures such as himself to peacefully negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine.

This was the reason why the Soros family, he claimed, is attacking former U.S. President Donald Trump “with all its means,” given Trump’s persistent calls for peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv.

“The pro-war camp [is] attacking with full force. That’s what you get nowadays if you’re on the side of peace. Keep on fighting, Mr. President! The world needs you, the world needs peace,” Orban said to Mr Trump on Friday following the latest arrest of the former president.

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10 months ago


Rob Porter
Rob Porter
10 months ago

Utterly stunning! The Soros’s are determined to destroy the greatest civilization ever create, Western Civilization, and once again Viktor Orban sounds the warning. The E.U. simply goes along, weak, evil, and disdainful of Europe’s citizens. This is pure evil, has no useful purpose and plays into the hands of the Islamic world that offers violence until achieving a world-wide Islamic caliphate. What a worthless endeavour when intolerant, bigoted, violent Islam does not qualify as a civilization.