WATCH: Bombshell Video Shows Fetterman Staffer Confess The Media Does Their Bidding — ‘They Say Exactly What WE F**king Want Them To’

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James O’Keefe released a blockbuster video tonight revealing how John Fetterman’s main staffer only picks media reporters who will paint his boss in a good light.

Watch below:

The staffer’s name is Luke Borwegan and he says he’s the one carrying around an ipad capturing what everyone is saying for his boss to read. He also says he’s the go between between Fetterman and the rest of the staffers.

Borwegan admits that he only uses reporters like Time Magazine’s Kara Swisher who paint Fetterman in a good light and push the narrative they want pushed. He says they get their pick of reporters because these reporters need them more than they need the reporters, noting that everyone wants a Fetterman story.

He also admitted just how anti-gun Fetterman is, saying he’d just as soon do away with the Second Amendment so that nobody has guns.

Watch the video for more…



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Hate communism
1 year ago

So the staff are little brown shirts peons who only care about themselves and lying to the people of that state. Fetterman is a very ill man suffering for the democrats to use him for his votes. This staff member thinking the American people will give up their guns because this mentally unstable man votes is the biggest joke of all. These people running Letterman don’t know anything about the American people will be surprised when a civil war breaks out because the democrats want communism and control over the American population. Democrats are evil and unamerican. Congress should be stopping this man from voting. Republicans in that state need to recall Fetterman. The stupidity of this staff is sickening! Using a man suffering and ill to keep their jobs and screw over every single person in that state and America.

1 year ago

total disgrace