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Trump’s Truth Social Media Files $3.78 BILLION Lawsuit To END The Fake News Media

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In the ongoing saga to ‘Get Trump’, social media influencers, activist groups, grassroots marketing platforms, and even corporate media have degraded themselves to the point of publishing outright rumors and gossip without validating sources,  or their sources hoaxed documents, in a clear attempt to persuade public opinion with fake news.

It seems that all the ethics and morals of journalism are out the window for this year, while media corporations do very little to protect themselves from defamation lawsuits.

In a build-up to the 2024 elections, the front-runner being President Donald J. Trump, the attempts to knock him out of the race is a multi-billion dollar industry, with digital media being a “Lady of the Night” for the highest bidder.

Gone are the days of integrity from the top producers of news content.

In April, the media ran with a ‘riches to rags’ story of a political operative named Will Wilkerson leaked documents to the Feds about President Donald J. Trump’s network, Truth Social.

Even the radical far-left media group, The Washington Post, reported on Wilkerson’s leaked documents and this is especially noteworthy because they are now named in a massive lawsuit for publishing Wilkerson’s defamatory story.

The breadcrumb trail starts here:

From the Daily Mail article:

‘I knew the risks’: Whistleblower executive who handed feds 150,000 docs about Trump’s Truth Social now works as Starbucks barista for $16 an hour  Will Wilkerson was fired as an executive VP at Donald Trump’s Truth Social after giving 150,000 emails and documents to federal and state investigators * He now works as a barista for $16/hour at a Starbucks location in North Carolina, as he has now turned into a federally-protected whistleblower

*After applying for other jobs only Starbucks called him back with other companies shunning him given the drama he became embroiled in Will Wilkerson, 38, a former executive who was vice president of operations for the Trump Media and Technology Group, overseeing the development of Truth Social is now working as a barista trainer at Starbucks in North Carolina in a $16-an-hour job. He was fired six months ago by Trump after giving 150,000 internal documents, contracts, and emails to the Securities and Exchange Commission and federal and state investigators. Wilkerson’s high-paying job with Trump, together with stock options, had the potential to make him a millionaire.

Still, he decided to distance himself from the Truth Social platform after he became concerned that investors in the company might be at risk of losing their investments.

Even WaPo is trashing Wilkderson over his move to Starbucks, which seems sort of strange because they ran with his story on May 13, 2023.

Then, according to a massive lawsuit against them, WaPo published an online article with the headline, “Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social”. [ (the “WaPo Article”)],” the suit said.

Their defamatory slam on Trump is going to cost them now, so their mockery of Wilkerson- below- seems a bit strange:

Wilkerson, a co-founder of Truth Social‘s parent company, was fired after alleging that the Trump family siblings “were taking equity away from hard-working individuals.”

So Wilkerson obviously was a disgruntled employee with revenge on his mind.  How did WaPo not protect itself from such an agenda?

And now, the consequences of defamation and slander:

According to media reports, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of the Truth Social platform, has taken legal action against The Washington Post, filing a defamation lawsuit seeking a staggering $3.78 billion in damages.

The case was filed late Saturday night in Sarasota County, Florida, which alleges that far-left WaPo published false and defamatory statements about the Truth Social platform, its CEO, Devin Nunes, and former President Trump, damaging its reputation and causing significant financial harm.

“WaPo has been on a years-long crusade against TMTG characterized by the concealment of relevant information in its possession—a bitterly ironic truth for a publication whose motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” the suit said.

“WaPo’s latest defamation creates an existential threat for TMTG, causing enormous loss. TMTG brings this case to recover special damages to its business and good will, actual injury to its name and reputation, and punitive damages for WaPo’s gross misconduct.”

The lawsuit was filed against the Post, stating it “published an egregious hit piece that falsely accused TMTG of securities fraud and other wrongdoing.”

The lawsuit centers around an article released by The Washington Post, which reportedly obtained information from Will Wilkerson ls, a former employee of TMTG, who was also the source of the Guardian’s face and defamatory “money laundering” story.

Trump Media and Technology Group alleges that the article contained inaccuracies and malicious intent to harm the company’s interests.

Social media was having fun with the idea of Trump taking on the corporate media in a brand new way with massive lawsuits- and hopefully bankrupting them.

Remember, the lawsuit, filed in a state court in Sarasota, Fla. — where TMTG is headquartered — comes on the heels of a large defamation settlement Fox News made with Dominion Voting Systems.

News organizations are sure to hate the idea that Trump can file these lawsuits outside of their liberal-Marxist utopias.

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