Speaker McCarthy Lands MAJOR Victory As He Forces FBI To Turn Over Damning Document Alleging Criminal Scheme Involving Joe Biden

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After an emotional phone chat with the FBI’s director, Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that the bureau is ready to turn over a document that may be damaging to President Joe Biden.

The California representative gave some insight into the conversation he had with director Christopher Wray on the Friday call when he appeared for a TV appearance on Sunday. This happened one day after the federal government rejected a subpoena calling for the still-secret report.

The formal request, which was made by James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee, concerned a potential financial document that some Republican legislators claim outlines a “alleged criminal scheme” involving Biden and an unidentified foreign figure.

But nearly immediately afterwards, Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, received a letter from the bureau’s acting assistant director of congressional affairs alerting him that the agency would not immediately supply the requested paperwork.

McCarthy, 58, swiftly released a statement of his own criticizing the response, calling Assistant Director Christopher Dunham’s formal reaction “unacceptable.”

Two days later, the speaker confirmed that it had occurred and expressed confidence that the paper, the contents of which had apparently been corroborated by a “highly credible” whistleblower, would soon be in the hands of the House.

‘I wanted to be clear with the FBI director,’ McCarthy began, speaking for the first time about the promised call between him and Wray. ‘Congress has a right, and we have the jurisdiction, to oversee the FBI.

The Republican continued, “This is one piece of paper that a chairman of committee has requested to see,” toward the close of a roughly seven-minute speech in which he also discussed his most recent debt ceiling discussions with Biden.

‘[Dunham] hasn’t even acknowledged if he has this paper – he hasn’t even delivered it,’ he claimed in reference to the requested document.

McCarthy recalled to Bartiromo how he tore into the FBI director on Friday by confronting him with the reality that Dunham’s rejection represented not only a breach of ethics, but also a violation of the law, citing Congress’ role as a body that supervises the FBI and other federal agencies.

‘I explained to the director that we will do everything in our power, and [that] we have jurisdiction over the FBI – that we have the right to see this document,’ the Republican recounted.

‘I believe, after this call, we will get this document.’

Other than that assumption, the GOP operative stayed silent regarding the information included in the document, which Comer and Iowa’s Chuck Grassley claim is an FD-1023 form that describes “an alleged scheme involving then-Vice President Biden.”

In this case, according to the GOP representatives, it relates to Biden’s alleged connections with “a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.” Such forms are often used to document unconfirmed information gathered from confidential sources.

Aside from McCarthy, neither individual has provided any additional information regarding the contested document.

Senator Grassley, who together with Comer issued the subpoena, admitted last week that he and other Republicans are unsure of the veracity of the charges, adding to the pressure on the FBI.

The formal request did not, however, dissuade Dunham, who shortly after addressed a letter to Comer outlining the reasons the organization would not immediately give the document.

‘An FD-1023 form documents information as told to a line FBI agent. Recording the information does not validate the information, establish its credibility, or weigh it against other information known or developed by the FBI,’ Dunham wrote to the Kentucky conservative

‘The mere existence of such a document would establish little beyond the fact that a confidential human source provided information and the FBI recorded it,’ he added, arguing the unnamed insiders’ claims should not immediately warrant a federal investigation.

‘The FBI regularly receives information from sources with significant potential biases, motivations, and knowledge, including drug traffickers, members of organized crime, or even terrorists,’ he further pointed out.

Comer, on the other hand, remained unpersuaded, claiming in a statement issued in reprisal that the agency’s letter alone indicates the document exists and that bureau employees are hiding it from Congress.

‘It’s clear from the FBI’s response that the unclassified record the Oversight Committee subpoenaed exists, but they are refusing to provide it to the Committee,’ Comer explained.

‘We’ve asked the FBI to not only provide this record, but to also inform us what it did to investigate these allegations. The FBI has failed to do both. The FBI’s position is “trust, but you aren’t allowed to verify.” That is unacceptable.’

Comer’s earlier statement that his panel “will report to you only facts when they are verified and indisputable” (referring to any foreign funds transferred to businesses associated to the Biden family and their allies) was followed by this revelation two days later.

He added: ‘This committee will not pursue witch hunts, or string the American people along for years with false promises of evidence that is beyond circumstantial evidence.’

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Mick McMick
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