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‘Transgender’ Butcher Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping And Raping 11-Year-Old Girl While He Dressed As Woman

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A Scottish butcher charged with the abduction and rape of an 11 year-old girl has pleaded guilty to the grisly crimes at the High Court in Edinburgh today. Andrew Miller, 53, who also uses the female persona Amy George, has admitted to kidnapping the child before sexually abusing her at his home in the Scottish Borders.

Miller offered the young girl a lift to her home in February of this year, while dressed as a woman. Instead, the man drove her to his own home, where he locked her in a bedroom and held her captive. He then proceeded to repeatedly sexually assault her over the course of the day.

The bedroom the child was kept was described as being in the attic, which was only accessible through a cupboard in the hall.

Andrew Miller, also known as Amy George, pictured in 2010. Photo: Facebook

The prosecution stated that the child was only able to escape and call law enforcement after Miller fell asleep.

According to BBC, the girl repeatedly asked to be taken home but Miller told her that he intended to keep her for a week and that she was his new family.

It was only by “complete fortune” that the child was able to escape once Miller fell asleep.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was first reported missing from Galashiels in the Scottish Borders area on the evening of Sunday, February 5, after failing to return home following a play date with friends. Police said she was around a “20 minute walk from home” before she disappeared without a trace, prompting a massive multi-agency operation into locating the child. Countless volunteers took to the streets in a bid to find the youngster.

Police Scotland announced that the girl had been found on February 7 in the village of Gattonside, and she was returned to her family. Later that same day, law enforcement announced Miller’s arrest in connection to the girl’s disappearance.

While the child was initially reported as having been found uninjured, it was quickly revealed that she had suffered sexual abuse while in Miller’s captivity.

Miller is is a local butcher who, over the years, became known in his community for his increasingly bizarre behavior.

A neighbor of Miller’s said that he had been labelled “tranny Miller” while in high school because of his proclivity for crossdressing, and that he had been known as a “knicker pincher” as a student for stealing women’s underwear.

After graduating from high school, Miller apparently began occasionally dressing in women’s clothes both in the community and in his butcher shop. Two sources independently claimed that Miller had past contact with police for stealing women’s undergarments from clotheslines.

Miller also allegedly has a wife and children, but their current whereabouts are unknown.

“I think they split up years ago! Don’t think he sees his kids. They are adults now. He was dressing full-time as a woman for a while. Latterly, when his butcher’s shop was open, he was always dressed as Amy, not Andrew,” one member of the community said.

Miller had two Facebook profiles, one of which utilizes a “female” identity under the name “Amy George.” Miller appears to have operated the accounts simultaneously, posting on both his “male” and “female” identified accounts regularly.

Despite also operating his “male” Facebook account at the same time, Miller occasionally re-affirmed his “feminine” identity on the “Amy George” account, declaring his name and gender identity. In January of 2020, Miller posted on teaching children to explore their identities.

“That simple question that we ask ourselves… who am I? Deliver that same question to your children. Let them be themselves. Guide them, but not with boundaries. Teach them, but not with misguided morals. Love them and let them know and feel that they are loved, because that is the greatest gift of all,” Miller posted as “Amy George” in January of 2020.

In January of this year, Miller made a post on his “male” account alluding to the debacle surrounding Scotland’s Gender Recognition Act.

“Silly Billys [sic] in Westminster… Never mess with Scottish Transgender Issues,” Miller wrote just days after the UK Government moved to block a piece of Scottish legislation which sought to significantly relax the requirements for individuals to change their legal sex in Scotland.

Just prior to entering his plea today, the court heard that Miller identifies as transgender and is in the process of medically “transitioning.” Miller pleaded guilty to charges including abduction, sexual assault, possession of indecent images of children and intentionally causing a child under the age of 13 to look at a sexual image.

Miller is set to be sentenced in August.

Some research suggests that men with crossdressing fetishes, also referred to as transvestic fetishism, are more likely to be sexually violent as compared with other men.

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that “fetishism and cross-dressing” are more often associated with sexual aggression than other paraphilias.

“Not only is transvestism associated with other paraphilias, it may go hand-in-hand with dangerous sexuality,” the authors wrote, noting that a 1989 study of serial sexual murderers found that 25% had engaged in cross-dressing, and 25% had engaged in acts of indecent exposure prior to committing an act of murder.


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1 year ago

So another girl becomes a victim of the transgender WAR on women.

1 year ago

So, he wants to be a woman, eh? Let’s oblige him….inch by inch with a very dull blade

1 year ago

More proof that those that use the term “transgender” are mentally unstable. You would think that some of the “highly educated” people in our society would denounce all this transgender nonsense. But no, they’re afraid that the woke mob which is nothing but a bunch of loose moral psychopaths’ will call them some kind of phobic. It is really sad to see what has become of civilization.