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WATCH: Graphic Video Emerges In Brownsville, Texas SUV Killings And New Details

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A driver of an SUV intentionally or accidentally rammed people waiting at a bus stop outside a migrant/homeless shelter. At least 14 people were hit, and seven are confirmed to have died in this horrific event in Brownsville, Texas.

We don’t know if the people were targeted. This is outside a migrant shelter.

The killer hurt more people with his car than the mall gunman the day before. The Brownsville car killer was speaking Spanish when arrested and is Hispanic. He’s not a white supremacist.

They don’t know if the killings were accidental or intentional. However, he ran over people on the sidewalk.

Warning! Graphic! shows the people mowed down.

So, the SUV did it? Was it an assault SUV?

— eve (@eveforamerica) May 7, 2023

Report says the SUV was a automatic capable of killing many. Military personnel use Vehicles so any vehicle is a weapon of war!!

— D & L ???????????? (@honor_dennis) May 7, 2023

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