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WATCH: Gavin Newsome Taking Heat After Viral Video Shows How Out Of Control His State Is

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Gavin Newsom may want to hire a marketing squad to do some tourism videos, because this one crazy video out of California has people debating on if they should leave the state and never look bad. This totally wild video shows a car on fire being crashed around and people are acting like they’re at a sports event and cheering it on. Surely this is normal in every neighborhood, said literally no one ever.

This crazy video would’ve made Mr. Rogers move out of his own neighborhood for crying out loud. Mr. Rogers would have said: ‘It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, nope, no it’s not, I’m out, bye Felicia!

For crying out loud, someone put a road flare in the gas tank of this random car, then the car is lit on fire and someone is crashing ANOTHER car into the burning car. THIS IS MAYHEM!


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1 year ago

Where are the police? Oh that’s right theses crazies defunded them.

These people need to be shot on sight for their defiant behavior.

Jane Hill
Jane Hill
1 year ago

WHILE Pretty Boy Sprays his HAIR..