Biden Spending $500K Of Your Tax Dollars To Teach ‘Professional Skills’ to ‘Transgender’ Kids In Pakistan

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In yet another example of the waste of our tax dollars, not to mention Biden’s radical transgender agenda, the administration has announced plans to send $500,000 of our tax money to Pakistan to teach “professional skills” to transgender kids.

Now, before we even detail this outrageous nonsense, let’s admit up front that not a penny of this money will end up benefitting any supposed “transgender kids” in Pakistan.

Every single cent of this lunacy will be stolen by Pakistani government officials and none of it will help teach anyone anything.

Besides that, Pakistan will likely tell you ahead of time that there are no gay or transgender people in their entire country because it is mostly illegal and not tolerated there! Homosexuality is not outright outlawed, but there are a lot of restrictions and the strict Islamic culture opposes it very strongly.

Now, what are the details?

Per Fox News:

The State Department grant said it is aimed at teaching English language skills to Pakistani youth so they can “better participate in the global community and prepare them for success in the workplace.” The grant aims to reach that goal by focusing on three components: “(1) Professional Development for English Language Teachers from Non-Mainstream Institutions; (2) Professional Development for novice Pakistani English language teachers; and (3) Professional Development for Transgender Youth and for Afghan Teachers, Students, and Young Professionals Residing in Pakistan.”

The program component that includes a focus on transgender youth accepts proposals from applicants “for a minimum of $25,000 and a maximum of $75,000 to implement: (1) intensive professional development courses for Pakistani transgender youth from the ages of 13-25, and (2) and intensive professional development courses for Afghan teachers, students, and young professionals residing in Pakistan.”

These components aim to improve English language communication skills among trainees and connect them to a professional alumni network. Participating teachers will “share what they learned in these trainings with English-language professional colleagues, thereby influencing pedagogy in their schools and communities.”

Like I said, all this “help” will only line the pockets of corrupt Pakistani officials. It won’t fund a single teacher or student.

Most of the money we send overseas, especially to the Muslim world, only enriches government officials and never helps anyone.


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Joy Cochran
9 months ago

How in the sam hell is this gonna HELP KIDS NOT TO BE GAY? bESIDES IF THEY ARE CHILDREN THEY WILL PROBALY GROW OUT OF IT. tHE FRIST PEICE OF ASS THEY HAVE, THEY WILL KNOW WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO SLEEP WITH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STILL SAY OLD JOE LIKES MEN. I BELIEVE HE WANT MORE GAY PEOPLE FOR HIM TO SLEEP WITH!!!!!! He loves going to other countries and giving the our tax money. he is looking for more gays to sleep with.