WATCH: Christian Man Enrages Liberal Woman by Refusing to Let Her Twist the Bible to Support Transgender And Gay Agenda

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A debate between a Christian man and a liberal woman has gone viral after the Christian man came out strongly in defense of the biblical teaching on sexuality against the trans agenda.

On Wednesday’s episode of the “Whatever” podcast, a Christian photographer named Chase got into a heated debate with a leftist student and Instagram model, Keeko, on the issue of the LGBT agenda and Scripture.

As the left so often tries to do, Keeko wanted to twist the Bible to justify the trans agenda. Chase wasn’t having any of that nonsense.

Keeko, who also bartends, started by stating the tried and true leftist mantras about Christianity, telling Chase that if he was was such a godly man, he should learn to have more “acceptance” and “tolerance” for trans people.

Chase then asked if God was tolerant, to which Keeko replied that God “didn’t make any mistakes”, thus he created trans people “for a reason.”

Obviously, Keeko did not seem to grasp that by choosing to transition, it implies that God did in fact make a mistake by placing someone in the wrong body. Therefore, as Chase so brilliantly retorted, it was not God who made someone trans, but the person who chose to be trans.

Chase then said “I will educate you,” and pointed to the biblical teachings found in Genesis and Leviticus, saying that God created male and female and that for a man to lie with another man as with a woman is an abomination.

Keeko tried to skirt around this by saying that the Bible has “been translated so many times”, to the point where the original meaning of that phrase is lost in translation.

However, Keeko clearly did not have her facts in order and claimed that the Bible was written in Latin before Chase corrected her and said that the Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek.

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“You’re trying to educate me on the Bible but you don’t even have the most basic facts straight,” he said.

Keeko then tried to claim that the Hebrew actually read that a man should not lie with a child, and said nothing about a man laying with another man. However, Debra Lea, an Orthodox Jew who was also on the panel, and who had read the Bible in Hebrew, said that it does say that a man should not lie with another man.

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It clearly enraged Keeko to be called out on this, as she repeatedly yelled and raised her voice, all the while petulantly demanding for her chance to finish speaking.

Keeko’s meltdown, as entertaining as it may be, was also a sobering reminder of how just how deluded most people are as they try to twist Scripture to suit their worldview.

People are not content to let the Word of God speak for itself. Rather, they try to read their own worldview into the text, leading them to all sorts of false conclusions about Christianity.

People like Keeko clearly do not understand the Bible. Instead, they see it as a tool to impose their liberal worldview.

It was nice to see Keeko and the whole gaggle of leftist women get called out for this. Perhaps this encounter will cause her to look more deeply at the Scriptures and eventually have a change of heart.

Or, at the very least, give her second thoughts about the left’s woefully inadequate understanding of the Bible.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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11 months ago

Instagram model: A female who shows up half-naked on Instagram for “likes.”

11 months ago

She’s using the new 6color rainbow homo bible!!!
Put out by rapture cultists !!!

11 months ago

Leftists have actually rewritten the Bible in the past few decades for some of the fake churches they attend. In their version of the perverted Bible, God is a female only, and God approves of homosexuality and of just about all the sins.

N T Qwerty
N T Qwerty
11 months ago

BOY is she lost..sadly this younger generation is so blinded by the lies that these sick leftist are pushing out to these children is very sickening…they dont even know the truth about what it states in the bible..GOD CREATED ADAM & EVE FOR A REASON…NOT ADAM & STEVE.. anyone to think differently is ruling under satan.. wake up people..remember we all go before GOD when we die..choose the right one to rule under… you choose the wrong one you will be BURNING IN HELL WITH ALL THE REST OF THEM…we choose GOD over anything or anyone…GOD gave his only son jesus in order for us to live…that is how much GOD loves his creation..Praise be to GOD…