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Joe Rogan Reveals What Insiders Told Him They REALLY Think About Biden 2024

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One of the most well-known podcasters in the world, Joe Rogan, has expressed his opinion on what he believes President Joe Biden should do to support the Democrats, although it is unlikely that the president will want to implement the plan.

“The fact that he’s running again is so wild when you watch him talk,” he said of the octogenarian president on his show, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “The fact [is] that there’s no leadership that can find a solution to this, ‘cause there really is no solution.

“Like, what are they gonna do?” he said. “Other than Biden dying, like, very soon, and then someone stepping up in a big way that makes sense.”

Dave Smith, a comedian who was his guest, claimed it wasn’t out of the question for President Biden to pass away.

“He’s older than the average life expectancy, I believe, already,” the comedian said. “Not saying he will die, but that is possible.”

“I could just imagine there’s a boardroom with, like, very powerful people meeting, who, they’re like, ‘OK, we’re getting him out. What’s the plan? Like, how do we do this?’ And I think they just cannot come up with one,” he said.

Biden is still losing a significant portion of the electorate, which will make it harder for him to win reelection the next year. Biden is losing support from Hispanics in particular, and there are several possible explanations for this.

On Monday, Politico reported, “Biden’s reelection campaign website went up last week, complete with Dark Brandon merch, a new campaign video — and a Spanish-language version of their launch page. So far, Biden is the only presidential candidate to have such a translation.”

“But the page itself had multiple mistakes. The Spanish-language version underwent several edits since Tuesday — a corrected accent mark here, an added-then-removed-then-added-again ‘Unidos’ there — before settling on a final version two days later,” the report continued.

The reported continued:

Spanish translations often trip up campaigns, but the recent release of Biden’s site put a spotlight on the difficulties that even seasoned campaigns have in connecting with a bilingual electorate. Many point to the fact that Biden announced Julie Chávez Rodríguez, a Latina, would serve as his 2024 campaign manager, as a sign that he’s serious about reaching these voters. But the website snafu is part of a larger question: mainly, how will his reelection effort adjust after experiencing some difficulty recruiting his 65 percent share of the Latino vote in 2020?

Bilingual outreach is crucial in presidential campaigns, according to Jess Morales Rocketto, the head of Moonshot Strategies at Equis Research and a former digital organizing director for Hillary Clinton. According to the report, she used Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign as a successful illustration of how to intentionally use Spanish language to connect with Latino voters.

But Biden’s issues with Latinos go far beyond a broken website.

“I have firsthand knowledge of not only how much it resonates with the community, but also how much work it takes,” Morales Rocketto said of the website launch. “It’s good that there are two years here where they can really work out the kinks … I don’t think the problem is making mistakes. The problem is when you don’t have a strategy. The problem is when you don’t respect us in your policy positions, in your personnel positions.”

Republicans are working hard to highlight any differences between Biden and the Latino electorate in the meantime. They have accused Democrats of failing to understand the important issues that drive them and are using aggressive media strategies to connect with the voting group.

“What it tells me is that after four years, his Hispanic operation is still a mess,” Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican communications strategist who worked on translations for former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, told POLITICO. He pointed to word-for-word mistranslations as an example that the Biden campaign is “not that serious about going after the Hispanic vote … or that they’re ill-suited for that task.”

“The stakes for Biden are high. As he launches his reelection, there are doubts about whether he’ll be able to replicate that multiracial excitement, even if he might face off against Trump again. His favorability has dropped across the board since last year, falling nearly 30 points among Latinos in some polling,” Politico noted in their report.

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