Woke Vermont Grade School Announces Removal Of ‘Man’, ‘Woman’ in ‘Health Science’ Class, Using ‘Person Who Produces Sperm’ and ‘Produces Eggs’ Instead

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A woke, left-wing elementary school in Vermont has announced that it will no longer use the proper words “man” and “woman” and similar terms. And to be more “inclusive” these political indoctrinators masquerading as educators are going to use “person who produces sperm” and “person who produces eggs,” instead.

Again, if you’d have said something like this even ten years ago, you’d be laughed out of the room. And that is exactly how these leftist twits should be treated even today. Instead, the media pats them on the back and tells them how brave and serious they are.

According to Twitter user Erika Sanzi, the Essex Westford School District is beclowning itself with this new policy.

The letter reads:

Dear 5th Grade Families and Caregivers,

It is time for our science/health unit about the human body focused on puberty and the human reproductive systems. This unit will take place during the last few months of school. We will focus on the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty and briefly introduce the basic structure and function of human reproductive systems. Students will be participating in whole group discussions and have private reflection time. There will also be three interview opportunities coming home throughout the unit.

In an effort to align our curriculum with our equity policy, teachers will be using gender inclusive language throughout this unit. With any differences, we strive to use “person-first” language as best practice. You will see examples of this below.

We will be using the following language with students:

-Person who produces sperm in place of boy, male, and assigned male at birth.
-Person who produces eggs in place of girl, female and assigned female at birth.

We are working on editing worksheets and handouts to reflect these changes but you may see some worksheets that have not changed yet.

These dangerous, child-grooming fools need to be purged from our schools.


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James Cowell
James Cowell
1 year ago

Well how the sam hill do you thing people get here !

1 year ago

People need to start telling these “woke” nut bars to kiss their posterior.