Shocked Europeans Discover ‘Gender Transitions’ Don’t End Mental Problems In ‘Trans’ People After In-Depth Study

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Color us shocked, but in Europe they are finally starting to realize that so-called “gender transitions” don’t cure the mental problems that transgender people are suffering.

The report published by Current Sexual Health Reports noted that mutilating teen bodies somehow doesn’t satisfy their mental anguish.

Systematic reviews of evidence conducted by public health authorities in Finland, Sweden, and England concluded that the risk/benefit ratio of youth gender transition ranges from unknown to unfavorable. As a result, there has been a shift from “gender-affirmative care,” which prioritizes access to medical interventions, to a more conservative approach that addresses psychiatric comorbidities and psychotherapeutically explores the developmental etiology of the trans identity. Debate about the safety and efficacy of “gender-affirming care” in the USA is only recently emerging.

Conservative philosopher Jordan Peterson was also not surprised.

The review added:

There are significant knowledge gaps about the balance of benefits and harms as patients live their lives…Despite claims of the lifesaving nature of gender transition for adults, none of the many studies convincingly demonstrated enduring psychological benefits. The longest-term studies, with the strongest methodologies, reported markedly increased morbidity and mortality and a persistently high risk of post-transition suicide among transitioned adults.

The lack of credible evidence of benefits of gender transition has come into focus for today’s transgender-identified youth, whose numbers have sharply increased…in North America, the narrative that “gender-affirmative care has been scientifically proven” has been remarkably resilient.

Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence understands that most of these teens — like in the 99 percentile of them — are living through momentary compulsions that will be solved by time and maybe some mental health treatment, not slicing off their genitals and breasts.

Those who support transgender treatments and especially surgeries should be jailed, not heralded as healthcare providers.

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1 year ago

How could it???
It’s a Sanity thing, these people are possessed!

1 year ago

I thought doctors took a Hippocratic oath ‘First do no harm’.

1 year ago

Their fixated on their crotch,and demand everyone know it