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WATCH: Trans TikToker Threatens To KILL Anyone Who Stops Him From Going In To A Women’s Restroom — Calls For Others To ‘Arm Up’ Too

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A transgender dude on TikTok who identifies as a woman has issued a warning to the community to refrain from attempting to prevent ‘her’ from using female restrooms, saying that if they do so, “it will be the last mistake they ever make.”

The biological male, who goes by the name Tara Jay, made the contentious statement in a video that went viral on the internet last week and was viewed by millions of people around the world.

Jay went on to encourage others to purchase guns in the now-deleted clip that was shared on TikTok with 2,400 followers. He said that “this is a call to arms” in the clip. TikTok has since removed the clip.

The Mail Online reports: Jay also urged other transgender and LGBTQ people to buy guns for their own safety.

‘If you back a wild animal into a corner, they’re going to become a dangerous animal,’ she said.

‘So if you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go right ahead.

‘I dare you to try and stop me from going into the women’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make.’

Jay added: ‘This is a call to action.

‘Arm up. Go out buy a gun, learn how to use it.’

Her remarks were recorded after the March 27 murder of six people by a transgender woman at a Nashville Christian school, and sparked anger online.

The video has since been taken down.

Jay responded to the controversy in one of several videos, taunting social media platforms.

‘I don’t care if I lose this account. Report it all you want … I’m still going to use women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms,’ she said.

The video circulated the same day House Republicans unanimously passed a bill protecting women’s sports by preventing biological men from competing against them.

The clip was spotted by Oli London, a British K-Pop singer who lived as a Korean woman before ‘de-transitioning’ and writing a book.

London told Fox News that Jay was ‘threatening women’s safety’ with the remarks.

‘This is just another example of a biological man feeling emboldened to invade women’s spaces in the name of ‘self-identity’ and threatening women’s safety without any fear of repercussions,’ said London.

He said Jay’s argument has ‘sadly has become all too common across society.’

‘In today’s America, people like this man, who identifies as a Poly Trans Lesbian, are encouraged to do this and praised as ‘stunning and brave’ for entering women’s spaces.

‘Anyone that calls out men like this are immediately deemed ‘transphobic’ and ‘hateful bigots’.

‘This is a harmful narrative, but sadly has become all too common across society.

‘We cannot continue to allow women to be endangered by men like this in the name of gender ideology. Enough is enough, protect women’s spaces.’

Jay’s controversial remarks are just the latest front in the battle over transgender rights.

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1 year ago

The truth is ‘it’ cannot legally buy/own a gun. The permit to purchase asks about mental illness and it is quite obvious that ‘it’ is mentally ill. ‘It’ is a re-man, re-manufactured, into something non-recognizable. As are all others that claim LGBTQ and Pedophile status. They need to be locked up as they are dangerous, as ‘it’ threatens to be, they have no respect for a normal person.

1 year ago

Thats what the sataniclly Insane do!
You people refuse to acknowledge the homos as a problem with society, so you will feel the pain of excepting them!!! Amen
SODOM all over again.

1 year ago

Isn’t this called “Hate Speech” talking about killing people that don’t agree with you? Where are all teh bleeding heart liberals denouncing such violent talk? It’s strange how they all become unaware when one of their nut bags spews hate speech, yet are all up in arms when a conservative talks about protecting themselves.