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WATCH: ‘Transgender’ Dressed As A Schoolgirl Caught Taking Photos Of Girls In School Restroom

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A 45-year-old man is in police custody after being caught accessing a female restroom in a school while dressed as a schoolgirl. Peruvian police are probing whether the man, who allegedly identifies as transgender, belongs to an international pedophile network.

The man, identified as Walter César Solís Calero, 42, was first caught on April 20 as he was leaving the girl’s bathroom at the Rosa de América school in El Tambo, Peru. Solís was caught by the school’s vice-principal when she noticed that he was carrying a mobile phone in his hand, something that is forbidden for students. When she realized that he was an adult male dressed as a schoolgirl, she proceeded to take him to the headmaster and call the police.

The man was dressed in pink-and-blue uniform, matching that of the girls who attend the campus, and was wearing a hat and medical mask to hide his face. Solís was also carrying a backpack and had his long hair tied in two long braids. The disguise, combined with his short stature, meant that he was able to enter the school with the pupils during the morning bell without being noticed.

Police were called by school administrators, but the word quickly began to spread that something had happened at the school.

Several parents were alerted and began gathering outside the school gates before police had even arrived where they learned that a predator had been caught spying on the schoolgirls. The parents waited until Solís was led outside and attacked him despite the police presence. One of the parents even punched a police officer in an attempt to take justice into his own hands, and officers had to intervene to hold him back.

Erick Acosta, the commanding police officer of El Tambo, stated that the father was taken in for questioning, but that the police understood he was acting out of impulse due to the disturbing circumstances.

Solís was arrested, and police checked his mobile phone and discovered more photos of Solís dressed in school uniforms, some corresponding to other educational institutions, suggesting that he had entered other schools in the area using the same technique.

The suspect underwent a forensic medical examination and was placed in the custody of a specialized unit of the National Police. Solís was taken to the Criminal Investigation Division of Huancayo, where he will be interrogated and subjected to psychological examinations, as ordered by Public Prosecutor María Gutiérrez Fernández, who specializes in violence against women.

“This male person has been found dressed as a schoolgirl, in full uniform, even with braids,” Gutiérrez said. “Cognizant of these facts, we are taking the appropriate and most immediate action to be able to find evidence that will allow us to successfully convict.”

The principal of the school the incident occurred at, Ernesto Ronald Vílchez Cuadrado, was interviewed by Exitosa Noticias at the police station after he assisted in Solís’ arrest. Vílchez said that he believed there may be a network of men employing similar strategies to enter schools in the area.

“We encourage other educational institutions and the corresponding authorities to take this case seriously,” Vílchez said. “We want to prosecute this individual immediately. Unfortunately, we think that it could be a network of people who are taking advantage in similar ways, using masks and hats to enter educational institutions and use the toilets, putting the physical and moral integrity of our students at serious risk.”

The Peruvian National Police have confirmed that Solís has a previous record for the sexual harassment of minors, and they are even investigating whether he belongs to an international pedophile network, as they found additional disturbing photos and videos on his mobile phone.

According to Exitosa Noticias, Solís is said to own a nail salon in the area.

Parents and students have been protesting in front of the Millotingo police station demanding Solís not be released.


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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

If I was one of the parents of a kid that was captured on that pedophile’s camera… I would just need 5 minutes…

1 year ago

Not America
Nothing we can do about it!

1 year ago

This should be no surprise to anyone.