WATCH: In Strange Interview, Trump Pushes Numerous Untruths About DeSantis On COVID And Crime

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Yesterday Trump did an interview where he was asked why he thinks he’s a better choice than DeSantis, and he proceeded to take pot shots at DeSantis over COVID.

To suggest DeSantis did very bad on COVID because Florida had a lot of deaths is very unfair.

Florida is one of the top states where people choose to live after they retire, meaning there are a lot of older people in Florida. And it just so happens that COVID targets older people the most because they are the most vulnerable to it.

The truth is DeSantis and his administration bent over backward to try and protect the vulnerable in his state. Remember how the media made a big deal about DeSantis using grocery stores to get the vaccines to as many people across his state as wanted them?

DeSantis also announced a statewide plan to offer monoclonal antibodies to those who were vulnerable and wanted it. That is until the Biden administration revoked their emergency use of it.

And of course, DeSantis refused to continue the freedom-killing lockdowns that every other state was doing. Remember how the media freaked out over spring break in Florida?

If DeSantis did so poorly with respect to COVID, as Trump would have people believe, then the news apparently didn’t make it to the people of Florida, who rewarded him this last November with a massive win, not just for him but for all Republicans.

For Trump to mislead people like this just shows the depths of how he’s willing to deceive people in order to win.



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11 months ago

I think this all bs TRUMP knows there are not countries in fla but counties. He purposely puts certain word usage out there so you know he’s bull sh tting. In the beginning of the plandemic every state had deaths and crime even Fla

My Pillow GuyD
My Pillow Guy
11 months ago

Phony Ron DeSanctimonious is a disloyal fraud who is extremely unlikeable. FRD!