WATCH: Hero Whistleblower Vilified As “Traitors” And “Domestic Terrorists” By The Corrupt U.S. Government And MSM

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It is often considered a crime in the United States to expose criminals working for the government, and those criminals will pursue the whistleblower as if they were a terrorist. No, it doesn’t make sense at all. It is the equivalent of arresting a person for videotaping a bank robbery, allowing the thieves to get away with the stolen money, and treating the person who was filming as the perpetrator of the crime. How dare someone expose fraud committed by the US government, right? They demand that the spies be taken into custody immediately.

Has anyone, however, betrayed their country by exposing the fact that the government is guilty of committing crimes? It does not matter who the criminals are that get exposed, whether it be war crimes, vaccine crimes, or election crimes; this is because, under the tyranny of the military industrial war complex, the vaccine industrial complex, and the elaborate election fraud complex, the only people who are criminals are those who expose the fraud. This applies to everything from war crimes to vaccine crimes to election crimes.

Many top officials in the US government and its agencies are the most evil people on planet Earth, and if you cross them, you pay the ultimate price

Many top officials in the US government function just like the mafia, as they pretend to “protect” you and your livelihood while stealing from you and threatening to “take you out” should you ever cross them by exposing their criminal activity. Take Julian Assange, for example, an Australian citizen who remains in prison (in London now a decade later) for publishing hundreds of thousands of LEAKED DOCUMENTS that revealed criminal behavior in the baseless US Wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

The US entered both wars on false pretenses, and the Iraq War was for stealing oil (led by the Big Oil Bush Family and the Saudis), and the Afghanistan War was for stealing heroin for the prescription opioid epidemic (led by Donald Rumsfeld). As a journalist perfectly within his rights, Julian Assange published documents that proved war crimes, corruption, and human rights abuses were taking place in Afghanistan, but the US government wants him dead or in prison for life.

Supposedly, Assange is wanted for espionage and computer fraud for exposing war crimes that made the US government look evil. How dare someone expose evil at the top of the US government or military. Arrest the traitor!

With that kind of logic and ramifications in place for whistleblowers, what else applies? That must mean that if you witness a rape and you report it, you are the criminal. If you videotape a bank robber coming out of the bank with millions of dollars, then YOU are the criminal and YOU are responsible for all the money that was stolen.

If you report fraudulent ballots cast in an election, you are a domestic terrorist in the USA, according to Beijing Biden and fake news MSM.

If you report that millions of people are dying from the Covid spike protein “clot shot” vaccines, then you are guilty of spreading disease and worsening the pandemic.

Any person, even a lead scientist for the CDC, who tells the world the truth about the MMR vaccine, that it literally CAUSES autism in little boys, will be vilified as a traitor of this country, just like Dr. William Thompson is right now.

Top 6 whistleblower who are heroes but vilified as “traitors” and “domestic terrorists” by the highly corrupt U.S. Government

#1. Julian Assange

#2. Dr. William Thompson

#3. Edward Snowden

#4. Scott Ritter (told the truth about Ukraine War and is now named enemy #1 by the Ukrainian government for their kill list)

#5. The Covid Vaccine Whistleblowers: Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz

#6. The January 6th protestors (of the fraudulent 2020 POTUS election)

Anyone who reports the US-led and NATO-led atrocities in Ukraine is a “traitor” of the USA and a criminal who must be prosecuted to the full extent, according to the US government, mainstream media, and the communist tyrants in Washington DC. Take Scott Ritter, for example, who is blowing the whistle on US and NATO criminal activity in Ukraine, yet the US government wants to shut him down and put him in prison for it. No longer are whistleblowers protected or safe in America, especially under the Biden Regime, which is really just a continuation of the 8-year-long Obama Tyranny. How dare anyone expose that the USA is running biological warfare labs in Ukraine that violate the Geneva Convention and are prepping for dirty bombs to start WWIII.

Do your own research, and do NOT use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Tune your scamdemic frequency to for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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