WATCH: US Cattle Farmer Sounds Alarm On mRNA Vaccine In Farm Animals

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An Oklahoma cattle farmer has turned to social media in order to reassure customers that the cows he raises will not be given the mRNA vaccine.

He went on to say that none of the farmers in his extended network would be vaccinating their cattle either.

InfoWars reports: Eric Perner, co-founder of Rep Provisions, explained in a TikTok video that the risks aren’t “worth it” when it comes to inoculating his cattle with the experimental mRNA vaccine.

“We get a lot of questions about vaccines lately because of this controversy on mRNA vaccines given to livestock,” he said from his Oklahoma ranch. “And I just want folks to know that we don’t vaccinate.”

“I don’t feel the risk/reward is worth it. We almost never lose any cattle, and part of that is we’re not cycling in lots of different cattle. So, almost everything is born and raised here before it goes into processing.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary and I often wonder with all these efforts on vaccinating all these animals, what are we changing?” he continued. “Is it really worth it in the end?”

“It’s very rare that we would ever lose any animals – I know we’re taking that risk – but the way we do it, we don’t really feel that it’s necessary and neither does our entire farmer network,” he added.

As attorney Tom Renz confirmed last week, a Merck mRNA vaccine has already been in use on pigs since 2018, and big agricultural lobbyists intend to introduce the mRNA vaccine to cattle and chickens in the U.S.

The pushback against this effort, such as through Missouri House Bill 1169, which would require labeling products that can alter your genes, has sent Big Agriculture into damage control.

“The pushback by Big Ag lobbyists against this bill to require industry transparency on this important issue has been enormous, and one potential reason for that is because they’d have to admit that all sorts of foods may have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines, have genetic modifications, or be modified to serve as vaccinations for humans,” Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote on Monday.

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Peter Piper
Peter Piper
1 year ago

How can he say this? Does he really know whether or not mRNA is not in supplemental cattle feed or his pastures are not being sprayed with it by crop dusters when he’s not watching the herd or when he’s asleep? There are all kinds of ways to sneak just about anything into the food supply.

1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Piper

mRNA is not a vaccine it’s a genetic disruptor.