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House Foreign Affairs Chairman Warns Biden Administration Is Encouraging Chinese ‘Aggression and War’

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By “projecting weakness,” the Biden administration is inviting “aggression and war,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“And we saw this after Afghanistan fell. We saw it when Putin invaded Ukraine. And now we’re seeing it with Chairman Xi threatening Taiwan and the Pacific Islands,” McCaul said.

McCaul recently led a congressional delegation to Taiwan and other Pacific nations, infuriating China, which considers Taiwan part of “one China.” He noted that Taiwan still waiting for U.S. weapons systems it purchased years ago:

“I signed off on 22 weapons systems, Maria, three years ago, some as long as five years ago, that have yet to go into Taiwan. They have actually paid for these weapons. So when I meet President Tsai, her first question is, ‘When am I going to get my weapons?’

“And why is that important? Because the weapons provide the deterrence. The deterrence promotes peace and stops conflict. If we have no deterrence, just like Ukraine, if we have no deterrence on the ground in Taiwan, rest assured, Chairman Xi will make that calculation.

“If he can’t influence the next Taiwanese presidential election, he will go to Plan B, and either do a blockade or a military invasion of the island. So deterrence is absolutely critical.”

McCaul said he believes Communist China will try to influence the January 2024 presidential election in Taiwan to install its preferred candidate.

“If they prevail and influence the election, they win, just like Hong Kong, without a shot fired.

“If they don’t prevail, then they go to Plan B. And I think that would be likely a blockade-type scenario, where they cut the sea cable, a massive cyber event on the island, and they shut it down, and they cut off all food and water for a matter of a month, and then they take it over.”

In addition to weapons systems, McCaul said Taiwan needs “more combat training on the ground” as well as Starlink, the SpaceX system that provides satellite Internet access.

“China…has eyes and ears on the ground everywhere in the Pacific region. We have some, but Taiwan has none,” McCaul said.

“And we talked about the idea, like we did in Ukraine, putting up a Starlink satellite system to give Taiwan eyes and ears on the ground to see into China, to see the threat before it comes, so they can stop it from invading the island.”

McCaul the issue is bigger than just Taiwan: “It’s the entire Pacific region at stake,” he said.

“I talk a lot about freedom and democracy, but, beyond that, you got 60 percent of international trade going through the Taiwan Straits; 90 percent of the advanced semiconductor capability, manufacturing capability for the world is in Taiwan, precisely why Secretary Pompeo, Wilbur Ross, myself, through the CHIPS Act, tried to pull that supply chain out of Taiwan into the United States.

“But the fact is, it’s still 90 percent. Imagine if China invaded tomorrow, communist China, and either took over and owned TSMC, the chip manufacturer, or broke it.

“Either way, we would be in a world of hurt, and China would be the most dominating economic and military force on the planet.”

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1 year ago

Thats thier orders from the Globalist masters, (Destroy America)!
IF YOU don’t stop it now, the country is finished.