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WATCH: RFK Jr. Reveals Damning Details That US Gov And The WHO Were Planning COVID Pandemic For DECADES To ‘Consolidate Power’

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has disclosed how leading health and government organizations have been conducting pandemic simulations as a cover story to circumvent people’s constitutional rights during times of public health crisis.

In a recent speech that he gave at Hillsdale College, Kennedy discussed how Event 201 was a tabletop exercise that was led by Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) just a few months prior to the outbreak of the so-called “Covid pandemic.”

He said: “[Event 201] was not a one-off. I found about 20 of these that they had been doing since 2001 and they’re all scripted by the CIA…each one of them is drilling the imposition of totalitarian controls”

InfoWars reports: The purpose of these simulations was not to adequately prepare for disastrous events, but to consolidate power, he noted.

“If you look at what they do in these simulations, they’re using all of these techniques they developed to…impose centralized foreign control on indigenous populations,” he said.

He also laid out the connections between former NIAID chief Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, gain of function research, the COVID shots, mind control, and much more.

Kennedy last week filed to run for president against Joe Biden in the 2024 race, and will officially announce his candidacy later this month.

Watch RFK Jr.’s full speech:

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1 year ago

He is on the right track. And they are presently running a simulation to take out our children. The new world order is behind this, Gates is a big leader and Fauci is still being paid with our tax dollars and is running these simulations. Thank God this man is telling you the truth. Dump WHO, NATO, and the UN they are all working for the people that want to make slaves of every person in this world. China is leading the way with its control over many nations as the United States fights to save our children from CRT and drag queens. We are being distracted from a take over of our country. Stop caring about racism and the other crap being thrown at us and fight the battle against these evil creatures that will consume everything you have. This is a battle against evil and our churches better step us and become martyrs for this nation. God bless us.

Arlene Galambos
Arlene Galambos
1 year ago
Reply to  Granny

absolutely right from one Granny to another.

1 year ago

One Democrat that hasn’t sold his soul to the CCP and the Commie Elite.A complete opposite of the Criminal we have today in DC

Fay Butler
1 year ago

I believe one method of spreading Covid by the Chinese was via Mediterranean cruise ship. We saw lots of sick, masked Chinese on our ship and came home with the flu.

1 year ago

Hopefully people will come to their senses and get rid of all the characters that have a lot of wealth telling us what to do. That is my hope anyway. All these ultra wealthy people want to use their money to control every aspect of our life. They think that because they’re rich that is their place. I believe that because of all the damage they have done they should be tried for offenses against the world, their assets seized and given to those who have lost loved ones, and last but definitely not least publicly executed. That will give any other or future rich people the prospect of what can happen to them if they ever try something like this.