YouTuber David Pakman Mocks Christians Murdered by Trans Shooter in Nashville For Not ‘Praying Enough’

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YouTuber David Pakman responded to the mass shooting of Christians by a transgender nutjob in Nashville on Monday by mocking the victims and asking if it’s “possible” that “they weren’t praying enough” despite being a Christian school.

“Very surprising that there would be a mass shooting at a Christian school, given that lack of prayer is often blamed for these horrible events,” Pakman said on Twitter. “Is it possible they weren’t praying enough, or correctly, despite being a Christian school?”

After getting pushback from a fellow leftist, the Jewish YouTuber questioned whether mocking the murder of innocent Christian children and adults was any “more or less appropriate than Republicans offering prayers and nothing else every time there is a shooting?”

According to police, 28-year-old female-to-male transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale killed three children and three adults at the Covenant Christian school in Nashville on Monday and had “a manifesto … and a map of how all of this was going to play out.”

Pakman has 1.66 million subscribers on YouTube and his channel is fully monetized.

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1 year ago

I Don’t know who your talking about & I’m gonna keep it that way!!!
Just another jew loser in my mind!

1 year ago

He was born in Argentina, yet he’s not there. Why? Because he wants to be here to destroy our country, that’s why.