WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says You Are A Nazi If You Advocate For White People

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson characterized white advocacy as a form of “Nazism” during a podcast with Adam Carolla released on Monday.

“The United States is becoming non-white, everybody is excited about it– or whether you’re not excited about it it doesn’t matter, whites are going to be in the minority,” Tucker Carlson said. “Soon. So what that means is, you’re going to get at some point probably in my lifetime people standing up and saying ‘I represent white people! I’m the candidate of the white voter!'”

“And I just want to say on the record that I’m going to tell that person to f**k off!” Carlson said. “Because nobody speaks for me, I’m an adult man and nobody speaks for me because he shares the same skin color as me — like I just reject that entire idea. If I agree with you, I’ll let you speak for me and if I don’t I won’t. But this idea that someone of a certain skin color, any skin color, or any ethnic background speaks automatically on behalf of all people who share that skin color, is a Nazi idea and I’m totally opposed to it. And I will be opposed to it when it happens to me! And this will happen, someone will be like, ‘Oh white people!’ and I’m gonna be like, I don’t even know you dude, I refuse to allow you to purport to speak for me because we look the same.”

Key takeaway: Tucker believes white people have no group interests and anyone saying they do is advocating “Nazism.”

If his words are to be taken literally, Tucker also believes every group sharing any ethnic background which advocated for their own group interests throughout all of history are Nazis because Nazis are the only people who have ever believed in group interests. That said, there’s no reason to take his statement literally because he has no issue with discussing what appeals to “black voters” and “Hispanic voters” based off their own group interests on his show every night.

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