WATCH: Funeral Director Testifies About Fibrous Clots Found In Deceased Who Had Received Covid Jabs

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An investigation into the governments’ covid policies is being conducted in Canada by the National Citizen’s Inquiry, a citizen-led and sponsored project, in an effort to uncover the truth about what has actually been taking place.

The NCI has been hearing from Canadian citizens and experts including Laura Jeffery, a 27-year licensed funeral director.

In her testimony to the NCI (see video below) Jeffery detailed what she had seen during the embalming process of deceased individuals who had received the covid ‘vaccination’.

She said that since Spring 2021 she had witnessed things she had not seen before in all her years in the industry.

Jeffery claimed that she had found clots that ‘resembled parasites’ in the deceased bodies that she had not seen prior to the jab roll-out.

She also claimed that there has been a government cover-up to hide all the dead babies, stating that the bodies are no longer reaching the funeral homes in big cities and in small communities the number is skyrocketing.

Watch Laura Jeffery give tesimony:

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1 year ago

I am waiting patiently for the big bang when all the lawsuits get lined up in courts.

1 year ago
Reply to  Babsan

Our Communist Congress gave big Pharma exemption from prosecution