AOC CAUGHT Using Secret Twitter ‘Burner’ Account To Incite Violence Against Conservatives

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Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has been caught using a burner Twitter account under the name “Zaza Demon” to troll and harass people on the internet and incite transgender people to murder conservative journalists.

The Twitter account in question contained tweets where she expressed a desire for an “unhinged” trans person to murder a conservative journalist and used offensive and threatening language towards others.

AOC accidentally revealed herself to be the owner of the Zaza Demon account in response to a comment made by Chaya Raichik, the founder of the Libs of TikTok acount, who recently posted a video of her meeting with AOC. Here’s how that went:

Via Summit:

AOC Zaza Demon responded in the first person to the video, writing “Lol and what makes you think that i did anything to support nazis? You’re delusional. Seek help,” before very quickly deleting the response.

After that, scores of other tweets from the account began to disappear, before the entire account was nuked.

Screens shots were taken, however:

It seems that AOC used the account to attack Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, as well as Chaya Raichik.

Conservative blogger Ian Miles Cheong highlighted how the tweet wishing Matt Walsh dead was liked by thousands before it disappeared, and since it was exposed leftists have piled on to confirm they would like to see conservatives killed:

If Zaza Demon really is AOC, it isn’t surprising given how increasingly unhinged she is acting in public.

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1 year ago

What has happened to Democrats since 2008?We are looking into the eyes of evil in every one ,except of few sane ones

1 year ago

She is evil as her “squad members” and needs to be exposed and sanctioned. She’s pathetic!