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WATCH: ABC News Anchor Blames Nashville Mass Shooting On ‘Anti-Trans’ Laws

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Mass Murderer Audrey Hale slaughtered small  children and the faculty members who cared for them. Hale, however, was part of the Left’s protected class so the media is scrambling to come up with excuses and turn her into a victim. She is a victim of a gun and of legislation that was passed to protect children.

In our new secular world, as people search for solutions without God or morals, they turn the evil actors into the victims and reach for political solutions to evil acts. It keeps happening, and it is distorting reality.

Radicals with similar views to Audrey (Aiden) Hale have declared a “day of vengeance” in Tennessee after the state passed a law prohibiting gender mutilations and hormone therapy for children. That’s the legislation Moran’s blaming instead of the deranged killer.

Audrey Hale turned to evil. People who use gender to deal with their mental health issues are not normal, nor is it normal to become violent when people disagree. We’ve lost sight of what is and isn’t normal and call it liberalism.

Audrey Hale was a functioning individual who decided to slaughter two little girls, a little boy, and three faculty members. She turned to evil because she was deranged.

Radical transgenders have announced that their guns are ready if you don’t go along with them. They say it’s not up for debate. That’s not normal, either. They aren’t content with us living peacefully alongside them. They demand we agree with them and allow them to sexualize children, mutilate their bodies, and fill them with dangerous pills to make them transgender, even if they are babies. We have evil politicians supporting that in the name of tolerance and freedom.

Calling child mutilation “gender-affirming care” is nonsense that distorts reality. We know the truth and still allow this new form of evil to perpetuate.

Drag queen shows for small children are age-inappropriate; they’re perversion.

The legislation didn’t cause Audrey Hall to murder six innocent people. The evil within her did.

Audrey Hale was an evil murderer.

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11 months ago

Where’s the manifesto? We are being told their is one. So lets see it. It must not go along with the narrative or they would be showing it to us.

11 months ago

I new the MSM would do this. Trust me if this were a conservative who had done this every conservative or Trump supporter would be vilified in the media right now. But because it’s a leftist lunatic who couldn’t accept their own sex they are a victim. The victims were the 3 children and 3 adults murdered by this nut job. Democrats and the MSM have blood on their hands for promoting this deviant behavior.

Last edited 11 months ago by Raymond
Big Dick Durbin ok Lil Dick
Big Dick Durbin ok Lil Dick
11 months ago

So lets get this STRAIGHT
This sub human POS is a BIOLOGICAL FEMALE with a vagina, ovaries, teets etc.
BUT is a fake male, still with her full biological female parts, does not have a biological penis and balls. Was a former student at the school.
He/She/IT the freak gets weapons, where did she get them? Are they LEGALLY Registered?
Where did she get the training on handling such weapons? Her sick ass Mom is against gun violence, so how did MOM not see the signs her female offspring was going to do this.
Now anyone check the politicial party of the killer and Mom hint sure as hell not GOP.
So more gun laws.
Who obeys gun laws, those legally abiding citizens. Not one criminal ever has nor ever will obey gun laws. Sorry we need gun laws like Switzerland has.
Try it and see what happens.
A gun does nothing until a human or in some cases a monkey/ape pulls the trigger.
Do not blame the gun, nor the ammo, you hold the person discharging the gun, rifle.
I have guns and rifles, gee they behave themselves so well, properly cleaned, oiled, loaded, safety protocols etc. Never once have they gotten out of the safe and harmed anyone.
So come on crazies if you have blood lust and want to kill, why are you killing kiddies, teachers, seniors and all… God do the USA and the world a favor, wanna shoot use politicians, judges, lobbysists, globalists etc. That way you will do the world a favor.
As for TG round them up, put them on a 1 way plane ride to any muslim nation and dump them on the tarmac. The muslims will treat them properly.