Here Are Nine Times The Left Has Named A Man ‘Woman of the Year’

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As liberals continue to erase women by replacing them with biological men claiming to be “transgender women,” we are seeing them awarding one man after another as a “woman of the year” in one forum or another. From sports, to movies, to government, and professional sectors, we are seeing men being honored over women repeatedly these days.

This foolishness began sometime around 2014 or so and has only gained steam.

One of the early honorees was actor Laverne Cox, whose was born a male named Roderick. Cox became one of the first big trans names for leftists after becoming a cover guy for Time magazine in 2014. Cox was also named Glamour magazines Woman of the Year in 2014.

Then came Caitlyn Jenner who was named among the Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year awardees in 2015. Jenner also won an ESPY award for “courage” in 2015, as well as runner-up for Time’s Person of the Year that same year.

These two are not alone. In 2022 a trans stage performer going by the name MJ Rodriguez was named a Woman of the Year by Time.

In 2020, male weight lifter turned woman weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was named “sportswoman of the year” by New Zealand’s University of Otago.

The next year, Californian Ebony Harper won both the Assembly District 7 Woman of the Year as well as the California Woman Making History award.

But Cecilia Chung, another man claiming to be a woman, beat Harper by a few years for such recognition in California in 2014.

More recently, Biden appointee Dr. Rachel Levine was named one of USA Today’s Women of the Year just last year.

That same year, controversial transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas was nominated by the school to compete for the NCAA’s 2022 Woman of the Year award. Thomas did not win, fortunately.

And just this month, male-born Minn. state Rep. Leigh Finke (democrat, of course) was was named USA Today’s Woman of the Year from Minnesota.

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11 months ago

These people are stealing our female history. Soon there will be no “women” in this world!

James CowellD
James Cowell
11 months ago

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.Pretty simple stuff. Just check the plumbing and go with it. If you’ve got male parts then by Jove! You’re a male. If you have female parts then by Jove! You’re a female. If you altered your God assigned sex then, who knows what the HELL you’ll end up as ? ? ?

11 months ago
Reply to  James Cowell

You are expecting these nut jobs to use reason. They are beyond that. They are all about what makes you feel good about yourself. If your brain is shorted out, and you think you’re a girl they want to to act like they are a girl so they don’t have to face reality.