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Another Biological Male ‘Trans-Woman’ Dominates Women’s Sporting Event In NY

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Another biological male is dominating a woman’s sport, this time in New York City.

Tiffany Thomas, age 46, won top prize in Randall’s Island Crit cycling event this past weekend against his far younger female competitors.

Here’s more from Daily Mail:

A transgender cyclist won first place at a female race in New York City amid ongoing debates over the inclusion of trans athletes in female competitions.

Tiffany Thomas, 46, who was born male, ended the Randall’s Island Crit cycling race atop the podium, blowing the competition out of the water to snatch first place.

Despite only taking up cycling in 2018, Tiffany quickly found success and has dominated competitions in the years since. She recently landed a place on top cycling team LA Sweat, where her oldest teammate is just 32.

But her frequent victories have caught the ire of some critics, and fellow athletes, who to question whether Thomas holds an unfair advantage in women’s sports.

Taking to Instagram following her latest triumph, Thomas said it ‘was a great day to play bikes with friends’.

‘Last race with our 2022 LA Sweat team kit. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it made me feel like a superhero when I wore it,’ she continued in a separate post.

It really is amazing how the left is totally okay with biological men erasing women without the slightest criticism that it’s unfair.

And that’s the point, it is completely unfair. Pretender Thomas didn’t even start cycling until a few years ago and he’s far older than his competition. Yet he still dominates the sport.

Let him compete against other men and we’ll see how many podiums he wins. Let’s see if he still feels like a superhero.



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11 months ago


James CowellD
James Cowell
11 months ago
Reply to  sue

No Shit ! ! !

John A OwenD
John A Owen
11 months ago

Cycling is the latest sport that needs to ban these ‘She Males’ in women’s events!

A. Wilk
A. Wilk
11 months ago
Reply to  John A Owen

I call them he/she’s and she/he’s because each biological sex is that sex first and foremost.

11 months ago

The women asked for this all thru the 60s 70s & 80s, now you got what you wanted!!!
How ya like it now???

11 months ago

Eventually they will figure out that guys saying they are girls isn’t going to work. It will only discourage real girls from competing. The only way to solve this problem is to have a third classification. “Trans girls” to compete with other trans girls. Then watch and see how many really want to compete.

A. Wilk
A. Wilk
11 months ago

This cyclist is a he, and he’s consciously eliminating women! What are the two authentic women next to him cheering him on???? Do they have a death wish! Women in sports must get out of their fear consciousness rise up and take a stand against this force that’s pushing them out of their sports!!! Is it worth it to them to just be in the race but to always come out second, third, etc.? Stop allowing men to overrule their position! Ultimately, there’s no competition here or in any of the sports.