WATCH: Climate-Crazy Teacher Tells Students To Eat Bugs Since Cows Are ‘Killing The World’

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A mother in Utah is speaking out after her daughter’s middle-school English teacher handed out insects for children to eat as part of an assignment.

That assignment also demanded that those students write arguments in support of eating insects, because eating cows was “killing the world” and there was only the teacher’s opinion that was correct.

According to Fox News, the teacher told students, “There’s only one right answer to this essay. And it’s that Americans should be eating bugs.”

The indoctrination showed up in a school in Utah’s Nego District for sixth-graders, according to Amanda Wright, the mother who spoke to Fox News.

She said the school was imposing a “dark climate change religion” on students.

School officials said, in a statement, “Middle schoolers loved the ‘ewww’ factor, many of them gave bugs a try (and even a few staff members!). Many thanks to our English teachers for creating fun and engaging lessons.”

The assignment ordered the students to write an argumentative essay, but it banned any disagreement, or debate.

“The only acceptable answer was that humans should eat insects for their protein instead of cows, which are destroying the Ozone layer with methane gas,” the report explained.

Students who ate insects were given extra credit.

Wright said she complained to the school, and met with officials.

Teacher Kim Cutler, in a recorded meeting, said, “All the evidence has suggested, that we probably should be eating bugs – it’s good for the environment, etc. But I didn’t know that that was an offensive topic to indicate.”

Cutler claimed there is no “evidence” to support another opinion. She continued, “There’s only one right answer to this essay. And it’s that Americans should be eating bugs. Everyone in the world is eating them, it’s healthy for the environment and there’s just, there’s only one right answer.”

The district, later, said, “[W]hen the teacher realized there was concern, the student was offered another topic of the student’s choice. Remember this particular assignment is about finding facts versus opinions to support writing an argumentative essay.”

commentary at the Gateway Pundit explained Wright told Fox News’ show host Jesse Waters she would be taking action after the school refused to listen to her concerns and back off its requirements.


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11 months ago

she’s just plain Batshit KRAZY!!!
some people can’t be helped. But she should be Fired!