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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Reveals DeSantis’ Position On Ukraine And The Establishment Isn’t Going To Like It

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In his latest broadcast, Tucker Carlson revealed the position of Governor DeSantis on the ongoing war in Ukraine, and it turns out to be a different position than that of many Republicans in Washington.

In the video, right before he gives us the position of DeSantis, you can briefly see the position of Mike Pence which came before.

Pence argued for supporting Ukraine until it gets restored and thus stopping Putin. And he suggested this was the Reagan doctrine:

As I said, DeSantis had a different take on the Ukraine war:

In short, he argues against the opened ended ‘blank check’ policy of the Biden administration for supporting Ukraine.

And he definitely opposes sharing F-16s and long-range missiles that could enable Ukraine “to engage in offensive operations beyond its borders”.

But even more to the point, DeSantis says “We cannot prioritize intervention in an escalating foreign war over the defense of our own homeland, especially as tens of thousands of Americans are dying every year from narcotics smuggled across our open border and our weapons arsenals critical for our on security are rapidly being depleted.”

Sounds pretty dang America First to me.



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11 months ago

Trump was right, too, this would not have happened under his watch! Peace through Strength!

Hate communism
11 months ago

Better believe America first! The democrats are destroying America from within . They have illegals and criminals roaming free but decent people arrested for wanting babies to live. Protecting their property from illegals. Blm and antifa not arrested for crimes against the American people. But someone praying to save lives getting arrested. Biden put in office by fraud but the new outlets lie about it because they helped with the fraud. Governors destroying their own states for personal gain and murdering seniors. The list goes on but the voters get dumber every day. Brain dead fools.

11 months ago

Satan has inverted the world, JESUS is about to turn it RIGHT side up!!!