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Whistleblower Vows to Expose Biden Crime Family After Providing Evidence To FBI

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America is long overdue to know exactly how the Biden family compromised the country. And all because Joey “Demento” Biden grew tired of watching his fellow Democrats get paid as he sat on the sidelines.

While multiple investigations loom for the Bidens, we get some disturbing news.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

An Israeli think tank executive who served alongside Hunter Biden as an adviser to a Chinese energy conglomerate widely suspected of serving as a front for the Chinese Communist Party now says he provided the FBI with damning information about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

Gal Luft, the co-director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, says he provided information about Hunter Biden, his father, and his uncle, Jim Biden, to the Justice Department in March 2019. Luft served as an adviser to CEFC China Energy, The group, which donated at least $350,000 to Luft’s think tank, paid Hunter Biden at least $6 million in 2017 to procure energy investment deals in the United States.

Luft’s claims come as a former Hunter Biden business partner, Eric Schwerin, has started cooperating with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. Investigators have focused heavily on Hunter Biden’s work with CEFC China Energy. The Justice Department has investigated Hunter Biden since 2018 over his taxes and foreign business dealings, though the case appears to be focused on the first son’s unpaid taxes.

Luft’s threat to “name names” comes after his arrest in Cyprus on Feb. 16 on charges that he illegally sold weapons to Libya and China. Luft asserts that the United States is seeking his extradition as part of a “politically motivated” payback for his exposure of the Bidens.

“DOJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim & Hunter Biden,” Luft said. An Israeli lawyer for Luft claims his client provided information about Hunter Biden to the FBI in 2019.

While Luft’s claims might otherwise be easily dismissed as a bluff, his connection to CEFC China Energy suggests he may know something about the Bidens.

“Dr. Luft is a whistleblower,” Luft attorney Robert Henoch told the Washington Free Beacon. He asserts that prosecutors decided against pursuing Luft’s information “and are instead targeting him with trumped-up and false charges.”

“This unfortunately appears to be part of an attempt to discredit a witness with critical information about an ongoing congressional and DOJ investigation.”

Where have we seen that tactic before?

Oh yes, I remember… it was when we said the WuFlu came from China. Leftists knew it was true, but instead of facing facts, they put all their efforts into discrediting the truth, calling it #FakeNews. How long did we have to live with that lie?

It’s been three years, and the truth is JUST NOW being acknowledged. Of course, that’s the game leftists play. Lie, lie, lie, hide the truth, then lie some more.

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Nancy Portia Barberis
Nancy Portia Barberis
11 months ago


11 months ago

Nancy we already did believe me it just matter of time short time never lose hope
shocking surprises are coming

11 months ago


Joy Cochran
11 months ago
Reply to  sue

Especially that pic of Hunter as a drunken ASSHOLE. UGLY PEICE OF SHIT!!!!!!!! It IS so disgusting!!!! I just never could stand a drunken asshole. And like you said to think those two are running our ONCE great Country. and have no doubt about it, the drunken drug fill ass hole IS HELPING daddy run this country to hell. The devil is having a field day laughing at us.

11 months ago

And wouldnt you know the first thing he did was so stupid it is beyond words. HE GIVES THE EVIDENCE TO THE FBI OF ALL PEOPLE!! What the hell?? Why them of all people? They were the ones that have been protecting Joe and Hunter all along. Now we can sit back and watch the evidence disappear. If he had any sense, he would have given it to key members of congress already investigating Hunter now. What a dumb ass.

Joy Cochran
11 months ago
Reply to  Thomas

The FBI wont do nothing about it, they will PRETEND like they did with Hillary then they will say ‘We didnt find anything” The FBI is IN with them they are as big of criminals as the rest of the Demorats. I DO NOT trust a SINGLE FBI Agent. They are right up there in the mist of the Demorat evil doings.

11 months ago

If they gave the evidence to the Brown Shirts FBI it will never se the light of day

11 months ago

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve heard all this before. Watch this guy is going to have some sort of accident and be killed. We have to remember this guys name, Gal Luft just to see if he ever testifies or gives the information to any one other than the Biden FBI, or the Attorney General. Because that is a direct line to the oval file cabinet, or the dumpster fire. Why is it that all evidence of wrong doing against a democrat ends up in the black hole of information in Washington D.C.? Stuff goes in but even light can’t get out.

Last edited 11 months ago by johninnil