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WATCH: Trump Issues Dire Warning — ‘We Are On The Brink Of World War III’

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Former President Donald Trump proclaimed that “World War III has never been closer than it is right now,” and said, “We could end the Ukraine conflict in 24 hours with the right leadership.”

The “Agenda 47” video speech released Tuesday, titled, “Stopping the Warmongers & Globalists,” reiterates a statement Trump made at a recent Florida event in which he said that if he were elected president in two years, he would immediately  start brokering a peace deal — even before he took the oath of office — by calling Russian president Vladimir Putin and Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate with each other.

“I would literally start calling, not from the day I took over, but from the night I won. And I’ll call two people… Putin… and Zelensky. And I’ll say we’re going to meet. I guarantee I could work that out. I’ll tell one guy this, and I’ll tell one guy that… We would have a deal made in 24 hours,” Trump said Feb. 20 at an event put on by the pro-Trump organization Club45 in West Palm Beach, Florida, according to the Gateway Pundit.

He called on getting rid of the “corrupt global establishment that has botched ever major foreign policy decision for decades, and that includes President Biden.”

Trump has been sounding the alarm of Ukraine as the catalyst for an impending global war for many months. On Monday at midnight, he sent out this message on his Truth Social platform: “If you watch and understand the moves being made by Biden on Ukraine, he is systematically, but perhaps unknowingly, pushing us into what could soon be WORLD WAR III. How crazy is that?”

In his newest campaign video, Trump said: “We need to clean house of all of the warmongers and America-last globalists and the deep state, the Pentagon, the State Department and the national security industrial complex.”

“One of the reasons I was the only president in generations who didn’t start a war is that I was the only president who rejected the catastrophic advice of many of Washington’s generals, bureaucrats, and the so-called diplomats who only know how to get us into conflict, but they don’t know how to get us out,” he said.

“For decades, we’ve had the very same people, such as Victoria Nuland [the State Department’s under secretary of state for political affairs], and many others just like her, obsessed with pushing Ukraine toward NATO, not to mention the State Department support for uprisings in Ukraine.”

“These people have been seeking confrontation for a long time, much like the case in Iraq, and other parts of the world. And now, we are teetering on the brink of World War III, and a lot of people don’t see it, but I see it and I’ve been right about a lot of things,” Trump said in the video.

Trump did not excuse Putin’s brutal and unrelenting invasion of Ukraine, as some opponents of U.S. aid to the besieged nation are wont to do.

“None of this excuses in any way the outrageous and horrible invasion of Ukraine one year ago, which would have never happened if I were your president, not even a little chance,” said Trump, echoing the “Peace Through Strength” motto of President Ronald Reagan in his video.

Many analysts on the left and right have essentially agreed with Trump’s repeated assessment that Putin would not have launched the Ukraine invasion if he were still president. There is widespread consensus Biden’s sudden, chaotic pullout of Afghanistan telegraphed weakness and incompetence to the Kremlin that made the difference in the Russian strongman’s calculations ending in his decision to send his military forces across Ukraine’s border.

People cling to a U.S. Air Force jet in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. (Video screenshot)
People cling to a U.S. Air Force jet in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. (Video screenshot)

But if the Washington, D.C. defense and foreign policy “deep state” were against Trump before, his newest agenda video will only strengthen its commitment to maneuver against him now.

“Over our four years in the White House, we made incredible progress in putting the ‘America Last’ contingent aside and bringing the world to peace. And now we’re going to complete the mission,” the former president said in the video. “The State Department, Pentagon and national security establishment will be a very different place by the end of my administration. In fact, just into my administration, it’ll be a very different place.”

“And it’ll get things done just like I did four years ago. We never had it so good, we’ll also stop the lobbyists and the big defense contractors from going in and pushing our senior military and national security officials toward conflict, only to reward them when they retire with lucrative jobs getting paid millions and millions of dollars,” he said. “Take a look at the globalist warmongering donors backing our opponents. That’s because they’re candidates of war.

“I am the president who delivers peace and it’s peace through strength. There was a reason we had no conflict,” Trump continued. “There was a reason we didn’t get into wars because other countries respected us. I entirely built — all right from the beginning— rebuilt our military. It’s a big reason for that. They didn’t want to mess around with the United States, and now they’re laughing at us.”

President Donald J. Trump speaks on Presidents Day in West Palm Beach, Florida on Monday, Feb. 20, 2023. (Video screenshot)
President Donald J. Trump speaks on Presidents Day in West Palm Beach, Florida on Monday, Feb. 20, 2023. (Video screenshot)

“We could end the Ukraine conflict in 24 hours with the right leadership. At the end of my next four years the warmongers and frauds and failures of the senior ranks of our government will all be gone. And we will have a new group of competent national security officials who believe in defending America’s vital interests above all else,” he said in conclusion.

Speaking Monday to the pro-Trump organization Club45 in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump also addressed Biden’s lack of attention to East Palestine, Ohio, following the train derailment that resulted in a toxic controlled chemical burn that has left local animals dead and the small town’s residents complaining of headaches, bronchitis and other health problems.

Michele Merrell, a Republican State Committeewoman from Broward County, Florida,  asked Trump in the Q&A session after the Club45 speech: “You are the only president bothering to go to [East Palestine, Ohio] this week. What are going to say to the residents there about the toxic chemical spill, and what would you have done as president if this had happened under your watch, and what would you do with the EPA that’s not bothering to help them?”

Trump responded: “Well, FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] would have been there within an hour. And, you know, you have local FEMA, and FEMA was told not to help. And we would have had funds there, we would have had doctors there. We would have known what was happening and we would have taken care of [them].

“And we would have consoled people. They were left hopeless! The government said they’re not coming. FEMA said they’re not coming. Look, until I announced two days ago that I was going there, they [the Biden administration] weren’t doing it. Once I announced I’m going, they said, ‘Well, we’re going, too, and we’re going to bring a lot of money.’ That’s not the way it’s supposed to be handled. So we would have taken care of those people. And they’ll be now taken care of but it will be a little bit later than it should have been.”

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11 months ago

Where is our congress? Do we have one? Why can Biden just sign papers and give our health care to WHO? Why can he just declare war and our representatives sit on their hands checking if they have balls to fight? World war 111 will destroy this world and the elitists with it. Democrats will not be saved along with every other party and money will not help you. God will take this world and crumble it like an accordion. Pray people that we get rid of this administration fast. If it’s stays in existence for the next two years be prepared to kiss your a**es good by. That includes your whole family.

11 months ago

Trump is a card-carrying member of the uniparty and a warmonger to boot.

He tried his best to start something with North Korea. He did launch overt and covert actions against Venezuela. He launched scores of missiles at Syria — twice. Also keep in mind that he ran an illegal occupation of Syria was was quite busy stealing their oil and grain. These are facts.

Then, there are those pesky little false flag ops here at home with the Vegas massacre and the Covid genocide.

This does not even scratch the surface very well at what Trump is really about. Swamp critter extraordinaire.

Dan Gilfry
Dan Gilfry
11 months ago

T-Rump is absolutely right!
WWIII is coming this year!
Unfortunately, T-Rump LOVES the ones who are STARTING
the war and supports their “Homeland” Israel!