WaPo’s Cry-Bully Taylor Lorenz BANNED From Twitter – Now Suffering “PTSD” – Post-Twitter Social-Media Drama

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(Natural News) Washington Post presstitute and social media “PTSD” sufferer Taylor Lorenz has been banned from Twitter by its new owner and free-speech platform promoter Elon Musk. Far-Left cry-bully “Tay Tay” is plastering tear-filled video rants across all other social media platforms, swearing that she’s done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve to be put on restriction by the new Daddy of Twitterville.

Far-left liberal extremist Taylor “Tay Tay” Lorenz is banned from using Twitter because she was caught “violating the rules” related to doxxing. Prior to this ban, the Far-left social media tech giants were all cut from the same cloth – globalist communism politics – where anyone supporting the narrative that America needs to be dismantled and turned into a socialist hell-hole can say anything they want, do anything they want, and brag about it on social media.

Meanwhile, anyone trying to protect free speech, fair elections, clean medicine, or clean food gets banned, censored, doxxed, and de-funded. However, Twitter got bought out, and now everything on that platform just got ‘inverted.’ Now the libs are getting banned from Twitter. Now the doxxers are getting censored. Now even the FBI is getting ‘uncovered.’ Presstitutes (Leftist media shills) from mainstream media and social media are getting knocked off Twitter like flies off a watermelon at a company picnic. Shoo fly, shoo!

Queen of doxxing gets banned from her favorite doxxing platform, now she’s suffering “PTSD” (Post-Twitter Social-media Drama)

Yes, Elon Musk has reprimanded the most evil social media libtard by calling out her doxxing events and tweeting out himself that, “Such shameful behavior will not be tolerated moving forward.” Since then, cry-bully Lorenz has been using her dog’s Twitter account to circumvent the social-media trauma after getting a taste of her own medicine.

Obviously, she dishes out the hate speech right and left, but calls it unfair when she herself gets banned or suspended for it. She thinks she is banned permanently, or that may just be part of the PTSD – Post-Twitter Social-media Drama – she is suffering. She claims she was given no reason for the ban, and says that Elon Musk is simply banning anyone he disagrees with. Welcome to ‘our’ world, Taylor, where every conservative and patriot in this country gets shadow-banned, censored, and even de-funded for even mentioning the American flag or something about the deadly Covid vaccines.

Elon Musk was doxxed by several Leftist journalists when they shared his jet’s location

Uber-rich folks do not appreciate it when the whole world knows exactly where to find them at any given moment, especially when they’re in their private jet or sunbathing on their own private island. Serial-doxxers and MSM presstitutes have enjoyed their no-holds-barred privileges of exposing and doxxing conservatives on social media with no ramifications since its inception, but now things have changed.

Elon Musk had suspended several MSM commie shills, including talking heads from MSNBC, NYT, CNN, and The Intercept. He finally lifted their ban on Twitter, but cry-bully and fake news scandalist Taylor Lorenz is still on restriction, thanks to the new man in town.

All of this is very important as it relates to free speech across the globe. Many natural health advocates have been banned from social media for years for simply talking about natural cures and avoiding toxic vaccines and prescription medications. The scamdemic is the best example of this, and now the propaganda pushers are the ones getting banned.

It’s quite the irony, but the cry-bullies don’t like it at all. To them, it’s not fair, and now they are suffering Post-Twitter Social-media Drama. Is there a medication for that, or a vaccine? Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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