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WATCH: MTG Eviscerates Lying Biden Admin Straights To Their Faces — ‘Biggest Bunch Of Bullsh*t!’

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The invasion of Chinese “spy” balloons that have been sighted in the western hemisphere is disturbing to Americans, and although balloons are being shot down and recovered, there are many questions to be answered.

China has said that balloons “blew off course” which is a dubious statement, as there are many balloons and they are being propelled by predictable wind patterns. The Biden administration has downplayed the possible repercussions of the event, but some are calling them out on the seriousness of the matter. The contents of the balloon were not known as it “wandered” into United States Airspace.

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took the opportunity to make a statement during President Biden’s State of the Union address. Taking her leadership in the House seriously, Greene is known for speaking out plainly, even to the point of threats against her. Nevertheless, Green walked through the Capitol building to the address carrying a white helium balloon to draw attention to the matter.

Last week Greene went after officials of President Joe Biden’s administration at a closed-door meeting last week regarding the spy balloon that was shot above the Atlantic Ocean. “You sat by and allowed this Chinese spy balloon that could’ve contained a bioweapon like Covid,” she said at a fundraising event. “It could’ve contained a nuclear bomb. An ENP attack, or hypersonic missiles — like the Chinese government, the CCP, has shown their own people these weather balloons dropping these hypersonic missiles on video. They’ve showed us on video. This is a common thing.”

Greene added, “I said, ‘You allowed this to go across the country, and then you want to stand up here and give us our excuses — your excuses — on why you didn’t shoot it down. Because you’re gathering intelligence, or you didn’t want to risk anyone’s lives?’ I said, ‘That is biggest bunch of bullshit!’” she said.

Threats against Greene’s life for speaking out have not been reported in the media to the extent of those allegedly made against Democratic lawmakers, she says. “The press keeps asking me about threats against Rep. [Ilhan] Omar, but none of them knew about this guilty plea for a threat against my life. Multiple people who want to kill me have been arrested, but the DC media doesn’t report it,” Greene told The Post. “It’s two-tiered justice and two-tiered coverage,” she added.

Throughout last year, Greene continually dealt with potentially dangerous situations involving the police. “I was swatted for the 6th time last night. Swatting is a very serious crime,” Taylor Greene noted on Twitter on Tuesday. “The caller wants to have their victim murdered by police,” Greene wrote. “But it is also a giant abuse of police resources and time, which is another reason it is a serious crime.”

Fox5 reported further:

Swatting is the act of making a hoax call to 911 to try and draw a response to law enforcement. Using technology that makes it appear that the emergency call is coming from a victim’s home, suspects try to lure law enforcement to the residence by telling them a crime has either happened or is in progress – causing a response from police or a SWAT team.

And last week a New York man has pleaded guilty and now faces years in prison for physically threatening violence against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), reports said on Friday.

Conservative Brief reports that earlier this week, federal prosecutors announced that Joseph F. Morelli, 51, of Endicott, admitted that he left a series of threatening voicemail messages for Greene in March 2022. “I’m gonna have to take your life into my own hands … I’m gonna hurt you. Physically, I’m gonna harm you,” Morelli said in one message that he left on March 3, 2022, according to the Justice Department.
A second voicemail message left by Morelli on the same day said, in part, “I’m gonna have to show you, to your face, right up front, what violence truly is, and I don’t think you’re gonna like it … I can pay someone 500 bucks to take a baseball bat and crack your skull … You are going to get f–king physically hurt.”

“You’re gonna cause people to get hurt, so I’m gonna have to hurt you physically … I’m gonna make sure that, even if they lock me up, someone’s gonna get you ‘cause I’ll pay them too,” said a third voicemail that Morelli left.

The FBI and the U.S. Capitol Police investigated the phone calls, the Justice Department noted in a press release that did not name Greene.

On Friday, Greene told the New York Post that Morelli is currently “at home” while awaiting his sentencing, not behind bars, which she claimed is a sign of a “two-tiered justice” system that Republicans have recently criticized. “A man pleads guilty for planning to kill me or paying someone to do it. Now he’s at home, able to do it while awaiting sentencing. But a guy who sat at Pelosi’s desk faces 20 years & people who walked into the Capitol on J6 are rotting in jail pretrial,” Greene noted in a statement.

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1 year ago

Keep speaking out MTG, you are the type of congress person America has been waiting for!!!
Slap the communism right out of them satanist Bitches.

Joseph Jablonski
Joseph Jablonski
1 year ago

One of America’s fighting patriots’. We need many more MTG’S, for sure.

1 year ago

When OH! When will this Nation get it togetherbwe’ve acted a dunce or a demented old man run by who knows feeding is ear buds and directing him. the man has been a radical and a fool for years, Now elected to the presidency bu nefarious means and big time election fraud.

Hate communism
1 year ago

The democrat voters don’t understand what Biden is doing. He thinks he is a king. Justice system is broken, judges corrupt. China floats a ballons over America and he waits two weeks to make a excuses why he waited. MTG is right alot of bs from Biden and his thugs who only want your money and to control you. Just how much more will you stupid Americans get that Biden and democrats hate you and use the woke Liberals to destroy America!. I seen it during the lockdown. Old people acting like cowards bullying people to get the poison vaccines. Young people dying now where’s your whinny little voices now that your grandchildren are dying from the vaccines? Still doing what you always do being nasty bossy little old people who can’t behave yourself.

dementia joe
dementia joe
1 year ago
Reply to  Hate communism


dementia joe
dementia joe
1 year ago