Microsoft Exposed Using Foreign “Disinformation Experts” Group To Censor American Conservative Media Outlets

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It has been revealed that Microsoft employed foreign “disinformation experts” to blacklist U.S. conservative media outlets to destroy their ability to earn money via advertising and essentially to force them to shut down.

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a foreign think tank based in the United Kingdom, worked to amass a list of evil conservative media outlets that it then doled out to advertisers to cajole them into defunding the conservatives.

They called this fascist abomination its “Dynamic Exclusion List.” This list is being used by Microsoft’s ad network Xander to harm conservatives.

Breitbart News

GDI in December released its report that detailed the alleged “disinformation risk” for the American online media market in partnership with the Global Disinformation Lab (GDIL), a think tank at the University of Texas at Austin that generates policy recommendations and solutions to combat disinformation.

The GDI report on the American online media landscape reviewed 69 news outlets, and listed ten outlets it found are the most at risk of spreading disinformation, and ten outlets that are the least likely to spread disinformation. GDI rated conservative sites as having the highest risk for spreading disinformation and liberal websites as the most trusted.

GDI’s top ten targets to destroy include:

  • New York Post
  • RealClearPolitics
  • Reason Magazine
  • The Federalist
  • The Daily Wire
  • The Blaze
  • One America News Network
  • The American Conservative
  • Newsmax
  • The American Spectator

Naturally, all the supposedly most trusted site are all leftists, including, HuffPost, the New York Times, NPR, ProPublica, and the like.

Even worse, this fascist group receives U.S. tax dollars through the U.S. State Department’s, Global Engagement Center (GEC), according to the Daily Caller.

This is how the left works. Government jobs out its unconstitutional acts of violating freedom of speech to these privately-owned left-wing groups and corporations to destroy conservatives.

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1 year ago

Well that’s because Microsoft is run by the Chinese to destroy America. They are one of 40 companies in this country run for and by China to destroy us.