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The Koch Brother’s Network Release Their Plan To Sabotage Trump In 2024 In Favor Of RINO Candidates

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The Koch Brother’s network is at it again, trying to push for a more moderate Republican Party by purchasing up activist groups, placing moderate-left leaning propaganda around the nation, and paying people to cause division amount the American people who want to restore their rights and liberty.

The Koch network’s flagship group Americans for Prosperity boasts offices in 36 states and millions of grassroots activists, all aligned with the firm’s alleged conservative beliefs. However, many Republican activists believe that the group’s financial reach, which is said to rival even the Republican National Committee, comes from leftist groups trying to marginalize real Republicans.

The leadership of these groups has been accused of causing tremendous disagreement and confusion within state GOP groups and within the activist layer of the Republican party, generally, because the organization seems to be more interested in bullying people into compliance with a leftist agenda than conserving our Bill of Rights, US Constitution, and other founding principles- like Jobs for Americans.

The wealthy and haughty donor network associated with billionaire Charles Koch and his late brother David has said it will not be backing the hero of the working class in the United States, Donald J. Trump’s next bid for office.

Koch’s Americans for Prosperity Action laid it all out in a memo to staffers Sunday and did not specify which candidate would receive their funding. Still, they did make a promise that it would not be the President who made Americans the most prosperous in a decade.

“While not mentioning Trump by name, the CEO of the Kochs’ main political arm offered a not-so-subtle jab at the former president, who, during his tenure, often sparred with Koch officials over his administration’s trade and immigration policies,” The Daily Mail reported.

The Kochs have long supported a migration of foreigners into the country to displace American workers.

This bold entry into 2024 politics was first reported by The Washington Post. It came as the donor group created by billionaires who never supported Trump or the populist/pro-America, pro-working class movement.

It is still too early to determine who, other than Trump, would be favored by the RINO class. However, names that have been floated include Koch sweethearts: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, ex-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and Trump’s old running mate Mike Pence.

The Daily Mail reported more details about the memo:

Emily Seidel – head executive of Koch’s Americans for Prosperity – wrote that the group seeks to ‘turn the page on the past and ‘write a new chapter for our country with its newly announced political backing.

‘ The loudest voice in each political party sets the tone for the entire election,’ Seidel wrote, before adding, ‘In a presidential year, that’s the presidential candidate.

‘ And to write a new chapter for our country,’ she continued, we need to turn the page on the past. So. the best thing for the country would be to have a president in 2025 who represents a new chapter.’

Seidel would go on to cite ‘the broken politics’ and ‘toxic situation’ she said were significant influencers in the grassroots group’s choice to back a nameless, non-Trump candidate’s prospective bid for President.

‘The Republican Party is nominating bad candidates who are advocating for things that go against core American principles,’ Seidel wrote, adding, ‘And the American people are rejecting them.’

As Democrats continue to push ‘more and more extreme policies,’ she said, ‘AFP Action is prepared to support a candidate in the Republican presidential primary who can lead our country forward. And who can win.’

The Seidel memo added: ‘The American people have shown that they’re ready to move on, and so AFP will help them do that.’

Sent to staffers and other political activists Sunday, the correspondence did not offer an exact budget for 2024, but if anything like the hefty donations doled out by the firm in past elections, they could amount to the hundreds of millions of dollars,

The firm was started by Koch, 87, and his late younger brother, who died in 2019 at age 79, in 2004, and has since surfaced as the main branch of one of the most potent donor network’s in the world, thanks to a virtually unlimited reservoir of funds and which operates not that much different than a George Soros funded activist group.

Koch groups pretend to be Conservatives to divide up Republicans and cause infighting and disagreement that distracts from the leading Republican purpose of restoring liberty.

With their extensive well, funded network, the Koch brothers – who were collectively worth an estimated $102.4 billion as of 2017 – raised more than $ 400 million for Republican candidates during the 2012 presidential election.

According to the Daily Mail, “other potential suitors include former Vice President Pence and former Secretary of State Pompeo, who both boast ties to Koch and his elaborate donor’s network.”

That said, when it comes to 2024, several Republicans weighing bids could find themselves backed by Koch, with some in the past already supported by Koch-backed super PACS, including DeSantis prior to his own GOP primary in 2018.

Other potential suitors include former Vice President Pence and Marc Short, Pence’s former chief of staff and longtime aide, who once oversaw political operations at the Koch network.

Another prospective candidate is former Secretary of State Pompeo, who found himself backed by Koch-led political committees when he served as a congressman in Wichita – where Koch Industries is headquartered.

Meanwhile, former South Carolina Gov. Haley also has ties to Koch’s elaborate donor network and has attended the family’s donor conclaves in the past.

She, like DeSantis, is expected to announce her bid for the GOP nomination later this month.

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Carol R Hansen
Carol R Hansen
1 year ago

It’s bad enough that we have to compete with cheating Democrats but now traitorous RINO’s!

8 months ago
Reply to  Carol R Hansen

I despise traitorous RINO’s more than honest foolish and destructive Demoncats (those not controlled by their party but traitors to our country serving the NWO agenda). Wolves in sheeps clothing is a very kind way of speaking of these anti American, globalist NWO pushing idiots.

Last edited 8 months ago by dale