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Uncovered: Establishment Pouring Money Into Swaying 2024 Election

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The establishment plans to sway the 2024 election. The Zuckerberg-funded group, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which gave out $420 million to election offices in 2020 is at it again. This should be illegal.

Zuckerberg’s group is going through the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence. They gave at least $80 million in election grants to local election offices, and we are nearly two years away from the election.

A report from election integrity watchdogs Honest Elections Project, John Locke Foundation, and Florida’s Foundation for Government Accountability issued a warning that the Alliance “is focused on systematically reshaping election offices and pushing progressive voting policies.”

Does anyone remember how Mark Zuckerberg said he wouldn’t do that again? Does liar sound about right?

Epoch Times reported that it’s using it to boost Democrat turnout in Democrat strongholds.

That’s fine, but for one party to have all the money is not. Why do we bother having campaign finance laws?

“No matter what it claims to be, the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence is nothing more than a dark money-fueled scheme to push liberal voting policies and influence election administration in key states,” HEP Executive Director Jason Snead told The Epoch Times.

“The work of the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence is ‘Zuck Bucks 2.0,’” John Locke Foundation Civitas Center for Public Integrity Director Dr. Andy Jackson said, claiming in a statement that the Alliance is a vehicle “for the private funding of elections by left-wing donors.”

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1 year ago

Maybe the white hats will get off thier asses & do something before then???

John A OwenD
John A Owen
1 year ago

Do you think Meta/FaceBook will still be operating by then or will they have gone bankrupt?