TERROR ALERT Issued In Israel As They Prepare For Escalation

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Those of us who are properly schooled in Islamic terrorism have no doubt that the war being waged against Israel/Jews (and the west in general) is underpinned by a hybrid, that is, Koranic-based texts, backed-up by political Islam.

But for a scholarly understanding of the aforementioned war-mongering, look no further than to “Islam & Blood.” It spells out all of the gory, devastating truths re Islam’s basis, sans any PC sanitation and Allah-washing.

In a nutshell, it is a centuries-long war to the death — until every last Jew is gone from the face of the earth. In no small measure, this is precisely why the Mufti of Jerusalem partnered with Hitler to exterminate the Jews. A natural collaboration made in hell. Crystal clear.

(al-Hajj Amin al-Husseini visits the Trebbin concentration camp, 1942KEDEM AUCTION HOUSE)

And this is precisely why the concept of ‘peace’ with Islamic terror hydras (Sunni or Shia) is akin to agreeing to the eventual demise — at the time and place of their choosing — of Israel and countless Jews.

As such, pre-emption, a/k/a anticipatory self defense, is not only legitimate under international law, but a mandatory obligation of the leaders.

Predictably, just as the sun rises and sets, whenever Israel’s security forces thwart an impending attack, jackals from within and outside its borders can be depended upon to scream bloody murder — not directed towards those who planned the attack, but against those who pre-empted the bloodshed. Evil.

In any case, let’s give a massive kudos to all who risked their lives and limbs to defend the nation. May G-d bless, and protect, Israel’s valiant security arms!!

KADIMA….forward march…..

Israel National News | January 26, 2023

After major attack is averted, Islamic Jihad warns: “All options are open.”

Senior officials within the security establishment are warning that Israel must now prepare for a “significant escalation” in the wake of Thursday’s counterterrorism operation in Jenin which foiled what is being described as a “major terrorist attack” in the making, Channel 12 News reports.

Following the operation, an “urgent meeting” was called by the terrorist groups operating in Gaza. Islamic Jihad, to which the eight eliminated terrorists belonged, has announced that Israel bears responsibility for the attack in the Jenin camp and that if Israeli attacks on Jenin do not cease, “all options are open.”

Meanwhile, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has called on the international community to intervene. “We are calling on the United Nations and to all human rights organizations to intervene as an urgent matter in order to provide defense to our people and to stop the bloodshed that our children, young people, and women are experiencing,” he said.

As noted, earlier on Thursday, security forces arrived in Jenin for a critical operation designed to arrest terrorists believed to be about to perpetrate a major terrorist attack.

According to Palestinian-Arab media sources, Israeli security forces arrived disguised as Arabs hidden on a milk truck. Once their presence was detected, shooting broke out and according to at least one account, eight terrorists were eliminated.

The operation was designed and led by ISA (Shabak) operatives acting on advanced intelligence warnings. They were joined by IDF special forces and riot police.

During the exchange of fire, calls went out from Jenin’s mosques ordering Arabs to come to the aid of the terrorists. Schools were told to remain closed for the duration.

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1 year ago

Every time the democrats get in power the Arabs start bombing Israel again. Islam isn’t their greatest threat, democrats are.

William HinkleD
William Hinkle
1 year ago

Hoping khazarael disappears in my lifetime….

1 year ago

The sad part is every country in the world can stand these satanic Losers!!!

The chickens are coming home to roost!!! Amen

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