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BREAKING: DirectTV Bends To Democrat Demands And Removes Newsmax From Lineup

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Last night DirectTV dumped Newsmax from it’s lineup of channels.

This came after Democrats sent a letter to DirectTV in 2021 urging them to remove Newsmax, along with Fox News and OANN.

In 2022 DirectTV did remove OANN and now they’ve removed Newsmax, while they have no issue with their 11 liberal news networks including Vice News.

Republicans sent a letter to DirectTV a few days ago asking them to reconsider this move and accusing them of kowtowing to Democrats.

Below is the letter, which was obtained by Washington Examiner:

2023.1.20 DIRECTV Letter Re… by Washington Examiner



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1 year ago

Thats why I dumped them 26 years ago!!
Paying for TV.
Is Paying, for your own brainwashing?
Wake up IDIOTS