General Manager Of Left-Wing ‘Child Protection Organization’ Admits To Using Pedophile Forum And “Trapping” Kids

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An manager of a contentious charity was discovered operating fictitious accounts where he admitted to being a pedophile and masturbating to images of children.

“Prescott Bayern,” the general manager of Prostasia, has been active on one of the world’s largest pedophile message boards dedicated to homosexual men who call themselves “boy lovers.”

Founded in 2018, Prostasia bills itself as a “child protection organization” seeking to prevent child sexual abuse through “evidence” rather than “emotion”. Despite its lofty pro-child safeguarding claims, the types of advocacy and information Prostasia pushes has been labeled “pro-pedophile” by many critics, and the organization has come under increasing levels of scrutiny over the years.

Despite claiming to be motivated by a desire to eradicate child sexual abuse, the organization’s efforts have dedicated themselves to crusades against child pornography bans, letter-writing campaigns to state representatives demanding child-like sex dolls be kept legal, and funding research into “fantasy sexual outlets” for pedophiles. Prostasia has also condemned anti-pedophile sentiment as harmful “Nazi-like” rhetoric and called for its mass censorship across social media.

In 2021, Prostasia began collaborating with an organization which calls itself the MAP Support Club, an unregistered group which claims to provide “peer support” for pedophiles, and invites “minor-attracted people” aged 13 years old and up to participate in online chats about “minor attraction”.

Prostasia’s staff has changed frequently over the years. In late 2022, the organization stopped providing the public with information on who comprised its team, citing “targeted attacks”. However, as of the last available archive made in September of 2022, Prostasia listed its general manager of operations as Prescott Bayern.

On Prostasia’s site, Bayern’s profile states he has “always been passionate about preserving individual rights and responsibilities. He is an advocate for human rights, free speech, privacy, anti-censorship, sex worker’s rights, criminal legal system reform, and child sexual abuse prevention.”

According to ZoomInfo, Bayern is currently employed at an environmental service company in Wayne, New Jersey.

While calling himself “Prescott” on the Prostasia Team page, Bayern’s full name is actually Lawrence P. Bayern. He uses the same profile photo on Facebook as he does on the Prostasia forums, where he goes by the name “Larry.”

Under that handle, Bayern is active on the Prostasia forums, where he commonly gets into discussions around “minor attraction” and his own pedophilic desires. Bayern also frequently posts in the comment section of Prostasia blog entries. Beneath one article, titled “3 simple steps to reduce [child sexual abuse],” Bayern advocates for giving children their own sex dolls.

In one discussion from October of 2021 on Prostasia’s dedicated forum, Bayern stated he was married to a woman who was unaware of his sexual attraction to children. The woman is reportedly a survivor of child sexual abuse, and Bayern admits to concealing his pedophilia from her as she “just wouldn’t have understood.”

In that same post, Bayern states that he has had a “desire for adolescents” for 4 decades, but claims never to have sexually abused one.

“I read stories, I look at (legal) pictures of naked children, I fantasize about things I can’t have. I even bought a doll. Lot of good that did me. The idiots didn’t create the orifices needed and I couldn’t do anything about that,” Bayern says.

On his Twitter profile, Bayern claims to be a libertarian, and his political stance appears to inform many of his arguments on pedophilia.

In one post from March of 2022, Bayern claims that child sexual abuse material “does not equate to actually abusing a child.” Bayern continues: “There are people that say the act of looking at a [child pornography] picture abuses the child, but that is subject to debate. How would the victim know someone is looking at their picture?”

Bayern appears to strongly support the legal availability of animated child sexual abuse material, and admits to viewing both animated and real photos of naked children. He claims the photos of actual children are “legal” images.

“There should be a way to search it without looking over your shoulder for the FBI or Interpol,” Bayern says. “I ‘scratch my itch’ with cartoons and 3D renders. Prior to this all that was legally available were art books with nude children. I also read text stories.”

In another post on the Prostasia forum, Bayern claims to enjoy watching children for masturbatory material. In a thread on the legality and ethics of using real children as fodder for sexual fantasy, Bayern lashes back at another user pointing out that it is illegal in the United Kingdom to sexualize pictures of actual children, even if the photos themselves are innocent.

“How would anyone know if I am ‘lusting in my heart’?” Bayern asks. “We have too many stupid, unenforceable, unnecessary and idiotic laws on the books now. Let’s not waste any time on more of them.”

Later in the forum, he tells the concerned user: “… tomorrow I am going to where ever I can find the most children, ogle and leer at them all day and then go home and self gratify myself until raw. And I will do it all in your honor.”

But Bayern’s activity is not limited to the Prostasia forums. He uses the same handle on BoyChat, the internet’s oldest pedophile message board.

BoyChat was launched in 1995 as a community hub for homosexual men calling themselves “boy lovers.” The site, which is hosted on a Canadian server, is freely accessible from the surface web, and remains active due to having certain rules dictating users maintain “legal” behavior. An archaic, HTML-style message board, users often sign their posts using photos of themselves when they were little boys.

In one archived thread, Bayern and others engage in a discussion about “dirty old men” being a benefit to the sexual development of boys.

“Everything you’ve said is quite true. In my younger days, I even had occasion myself to allow a fellow to have his way with me (ok, he just sucked me off in the empty bathroom of a gay bar),” one user wrote, continuing: “But I’ll take it a step further and point out that some people literally crave a dirty old man, and will go to some lengths to get one into their life. And these people do include, among others, boys. Especially teenaged boys.”

Bayern responds to the user, “I am the definition of a ‘dirty old man.’ I can no longer go out to find the boys who need me, so, I have set traps just outside of the front yard fence. One day, I’ll catch one.”

In another thread, Bayern and other users discuss having frivolities to honor “International Boy Lover’s Day,” and refers to a child he calls his “son.” While an adult now, Bayern alludes to the genitalia of the child.

“A toga party is something my son would really get behind. Although, he would probably not wear anything to cover his ‘manly bits’ … and they were manly in size.”

Attached to the post is a photo of a shirtless little boy kneeling on the floor and opening a Christmas gift.

In another discussion, Bayern vehemently agrees with a user claiming society is “grooming” male youth to the authorities when it comes to their sexual freedoms.”

Insight into Bayern’s unabashedly pedophilic alternate accounts was exclusively provided by Project Raven, a collaborative exercise in archiving and analyzing the online activity of pro-pedophilia organizations and their members.

Project Raven researcher Erin Holmes said she first became aware of Prostasia in 2021 after NBC contributor Noah Berlatsky joined the group as a spokesperson. Holmes said was immediately struck by the “manipulation” present in Prostasia’s tactics.

“Prostasia claims child abuse prevention should involve teaching children about fetishes and kink, and that viewing pornography can have a positive impact on children,” Holmes says. “Pedophiles want us to believe that contact with a child seems beyond reason, even to them. That they understand boundaries and will adhere to them. This becomes a key component in their activism, which is to convince others they are harmless and not worth the scrutiny society levies on them.”

Holmes argues that some pro-pedophilia organizations are selling themselves as “child protection charities,” styling themselves as having the best interests of children at heart while advocating for policies which break down child safeguarding measures.

“They are effective because they manipulate our capacity for good,” Holmes says.

Project Raven was established in July of 2022 with a number of mainly anonymous researchers interested in keeping tabs on organizations like Prostasia. One of the founders is Dr. Alaric Naudé, a Professor focused on the social sciences and linguistics at Suwon University in South Korea. In February of 2022, Naudè had his research on Prostasia removed from The British Journal of Sociology and History just 24 hours after it was first published after the group put pressure on the journal. Another named member is Jon Uhler, a veteran psychologist from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Holmes says that the work Prostasia is doing shirks tested child safeguarding methods, and that their experimental approach promotes the work of academics sympathetic to pedophilia. Pro-pedophile sentiment, Holmes says, aids in “breaking down” the traditional methods and laws that protect children.

“Prostasia promotes the work of Michael Seto, who argues that classifying pedophilia as a sexual orientation will prevent child abuse and that removing the stigma of pedophilia will encourage those who want to offend to seek treatment for self-regulation,” Holmes explains. “Except self-regulation methods for pro-pedophilia advocates rely heavily on peer-to-peer support groups because they aren’t typically interested in traditional treatment methods.”

Holmes also says she is particularly concerned about Prostasia’s 503c tax-exempt status, which enables the organization to operate as a charitable group.

“Prostasia advocates for illicit practices while exploiting federal funding as a nonprofit … We should be asking ourselves how criminal enterprises are able to benefit from a non-profit status, selling themselves as a child protection charity.”


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