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Fact-Checkers PANIC, Start Up The Spin-Machine After Fully Vaxxed Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin Collapses Mid-Game

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Damar Hamlin, an NFL player who had been fully-jabbed, collapsed in the middle of the game on Monday night, clutching his chest, sending fact-checkers and the mainstream media into a panic.

The startling video below captures the moment Buffalo Bills’ #3 player Hamlin shockingly and suddenly fell backwards during the game’s opening period. reports: Players took knees on the field in solidarity with Hamlin as an ambulance arrived on the scene.

Bills players looked distressed in the wake of their fellow teammate’s unexpected collapse.

Bills players and staff surrounded Hamlin as he was administered CPR.

Video showed Bengals fans also praying for Hamlin.

Fox 19 sports journalist Joe Danneman reported Hamlin was transported to
University of Cincinnati Medical Center with a pulse, but was unable to breathe on his own, noting he also needed an automated external defibrillator and CPR while on the field.

The NFL released a statement saying the game would be postponed after Hamlin was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

“Hamlin received immediate medical attention on the field by team and independent medical staff and local paramedics. He was then transported to a local hospital where he is in critical condition,” the statement reads.

In an update Monday night, Hamlin’s representative Jordon Rooney said Hamlin’s “vitals are back to normal and they have put him to sleep to put a breathing tube down his throat,” adding, “They are currently running tests.”

A physician on Twitter claimed without evidence Hamlin’s collapse may have been the result of commotio cordis, which affects athletes that take sudden hits to the chest.

After initially agreeing Hamlin may have suffered commotio cordis, renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told entrepreneur Steve Kirsch he was now under the impression the player suffered a heart attack and that if vaccinated, vaccine-induced myocarditis should be taken into consideration.

Dr. Peter McCullough just wrote me (7:54pm):

“I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest.  I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin.  If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis.   We have been told he was successfully defibrillated on the field and has been intubated and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy.  The nation prays for his complete recovery.”

Many on social media pointed out Hamlin’s sudden collapse looked similar to other athletes’ recent fainting spells, which seem to have increased in frequency in the wake of the Covid jab rollout.

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1 year ago

And yet the Deep State Globalist controlled news media continue to push their Depopulation Death jab on the World. All these Murderers involved in pushing this, And I mean all who were involved must pay for their Genocide. From big pharma, Dr Death Fauci, Dr Frankenstein Bill Gates and the rest of the Depopulation Agenda Globalists. They all would make Hitler Proud

1 year ago

I just asked the question if he was vaccinated and got the typical liberal response about conspiracy theories Qanon etc.. It’s amazing how you aren’t even supposed to ask questions any more.

1 year ago

100% vaxx related
The coverup will be full on now!
The NFL forced the vaxx on the players, Let the law suits begin!!!
Would like to see this corpoRATion bankrupted!!! Amen

1 year ago

Wait till the rest of them start dropping like flies, coming to a city near you!

Watch out MSM your dirty LIES and DECEIT are starting to COME UNDONE!
Don’t worry about the ‘elites’ threatening you, we know you’ve been paid off, it will be the MASSES OF PEOPLE YOU’VE LIED TO. FAR WORSE!

Not a f’n sheep
Not a f’n sheep
1 year ago

blow to the chest, wasn’t even to the chest. Blood clots up 500% and athletes just dropping in their prime but not the cause of your death jab! Fuck all you murdering bought POS!

1 year ago

Clutching his chest???
Did you Not watch the game or the vid above?
He never touched his chest!
There is a lot of fake reporting just like that going on, why was he immediately surrounded by players?
Normally they get off field and let medical people do thier job, that is the protocol.
No 1 but coaches & medical people on field!

Something is very fishy about this whole thing!????

Joeza Cuckster
Joeza Cuckster
1 year ago

The physician quoted above who said, “Those trying to tie this to vaccine status to project their unscientific beliefs are terrible, horrible people,” is a closed-minded fool more concerned with politics than medicine. There’s an abundance of evidence tying the vaccine to sudden deaths, and I wouldn’t want this idiot for my physician.