IRS Issues Scary Warning About 2022 Tax Returns — They Are Coming After YOU

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IRS has issued a crisis warning about 2022 Tax Returns, and the idea of using the tax-collecting arm of the government to harass and punish Conservatives is nothing new. What is new is that Democrat Joe Biden made sure to arm the IRS with weapons, which has sent a chilling message to Americans.

In an effort to tackle government inflation under Biden’s Administration, returns will be smaller this year, something Americans have never seen before.

Because of corrupt Democrat Joe Biden and the failed policies of his leftist administration, who have been heavily criticized for driving up inflation and making it harder to make ends meet, Americans are suffering greatly.

Now, we find out that this means tax returns for regular Americans could be much less than expected.

Even after the ever-shrinking economy, due to mounting taxation from the IRS, comes this unwelcome surprise leading some to feel they’ve been I’ve been scammed out of what should be rightfully theirs.

The crisis in the US economy has taken its toll on many Americans, and this latest IRS warning is just the icing on the cake.

The warning is based on several reasons, according to CNBC:

1) Economic impact payments are no longer in effect, so taxpayers can no longer deduct certain charitable contributions.

2) No stimulus payments in 2022 helped boost refunds like in past years because people could claim that stimulus on their tax forms and get refunded if they didn’t receive them.

According to media reports, most Americans rely on big tax refunds to finally pay for large purchases. As a result, some have fallen behind in savings, are investing for the year, and rely on refunds.

The crisis is going to become very real.

People do not trust the IRS in general, and warnings about what is expected from them are flying around social media- with one expert warning people to be careful about what they put in emails to their tax accountants, hinting the audit process could become oppressive:

The uniparty’s implementation of IRS abuse upon the American people goes back to Lois Lerner, the bootlicker for the demonic Obama administration, who has never paid any consequence for her usurpations. More recently, we know that traitorous ‘Republican’ John McCain was dastardly toward Conservatives as well, as Dr. Draino reminds us:

Yes- we remember. Of course, Republicans- who have the power of the majority in Jan, promised to do something about it by appealing Biden’s weaponization of the tax collectors:

But the IRS is not relenting:

Americans are expected to get 20% less in their 2022 tax return, according to Chris, the Financial prepper who said in a recent broadcast, “Just in tax credits that most people claim- Charitable donations were cut half from $600 to $300 that people can claim. Child care expenses are going to be cut from $8,000 down to $2100 for the total, with the child tax credit for children under six years old was all the way up to $3,600 now, and now it has dropped to $2000. And the earned income tax credit is going from $1500 down to $560.”

“Chances are you won’t be too happy about the IRS’s latest warning,” Michael Austin reported for the Western Journal, adding:

Several new changes to the tax code this year are having a downward effect on the size of the average American’s tax return.

In other words, your tax return will probably be smaller this year.

The IRS even admitted as much in a November news release about filing taxes. This is for several reasons.

For one, Economic Impact Payments are no longer in effect; second, taxpayers can no longer deduct certain charitable contributions.

According to CNBC, following the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress allowed many more charitable contributions to qualify for deductions.

Those changes were extended into 2021 but are no longer in effect.

In addition, the Democratic Party’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 allows the government to take a more significant earnings cut passed through payment processors.

According to the IRS, the bill lowered the reporting threshold for such payments.

Previously, any individual that made more than $20,000 through 200 transactions over one year was required to file a Form 1099-K.

Now, anyone receiving a single transaction of $600 must file the same form.

“The IRS cautions taxpayers not to rely on receiving a 2022 federal tax refund by a certain date, especially when making major purchases or paying bills. Some returns may require additional review and may take longer,” the IRS statement read.

Longer wait times for returns are thanks to additional review processes the IRS has implemented.

Indeed, taxpayers are finally beginning to feel the effect of President Joe Biden’s decision to increase the size of the government’s tax-collecting arm drastically.

According to a September story from NPR, the Inflation Reduction Act included $80 billion dollars for the IRS.

This money was to hire new agents, improve the department’s technology and increase the number of tax audits.

An August analysis of the increase in IRS funding posits that the IRS will indeed be increasing audits on lower-income households, weaponizing an overly complex tax code in order to penalize lower-earning Americans who make mistakes interpreting the code.

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1 year ago

Conservatives better be fully armed. The Communist Government is coming for us and when they do Shoot to kill

1 year ago
Reply to  Sheepdog70

Why armed, be honest instead. More honesty in society=bane for duplicitous democrats and their socioeconomic machinations.

1 year ago

I’ll be waiting????!

Joesz Acuck
Joesz Acuck
1 year ago
Reply to  John

Careful what you post, my friend. Our Marxist government is looking for an excuses to arrest people.

Joesz Acuck
Joesz Acuck
1 year ago

Of course the IRS is coming after us. They need to bleed us to feed billions for Fidel Zelensky and help pay for the border control of foreign nations.

1 year ago

Car’s worth about $800, if you replace the hood. Been below the poverty line for years and I have no significant assets. Bring it lol