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Black Activist Walks In To Gov. Newsom’s California ‘Reparations Panel’ And Demands $350,000 — ‘We’re Not Asking, We’re Telling’

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Blacks have met California’s new state “reparations” panel with a demand for – large sums of money. The panel was established to study the idea of paying members of that race, including those whose ancestors may have been in slavery, huge sums of money.

“We’re not asking; we’re telling you,” one activist insisted while addressing the new panel.

That demand was from Max Fennell, who told the commission that every black should get $350,000, and black-owned businesses should get an additional $250,000 plus 15 to 20 acres of land.

“It’s a debt that’s owed, we worked for free. We’re not asking; we’re telling you,” he demanded.

The Washington Examiner said he claimed such payments would help “shrink the racial wealth gap and right historical wrongs.”

Fennell continued, “The tangibles of what I’m asking for is $350,000 per black American in California — that’s tangible, small business grant $250,000, and land 15-20 acres.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom launched California’s “reparations” scheme with a bill signed in 2020.

“Since then, it has spent over a year studying the issue and began public deliberations over how to quantify financially the debt owed to black Americans for historical injustices, such as slavery, housing discrimination, mass incarceration, and more,” the report said.

It’s report is due to the legislatures in a few months.

In the Oakland City Hall, researchers claimed the state’s “maximum liability for housing discrimination inflicted upon black residents between 1933 and 1977 was about $225,000.”

However, panel chief Kamilah Moore said, “In reality, that number would be minimized when you take into account the fact that the task force decided in March that the community of eligibility would be lineage-based rather than race-based.”

She said not all “black folks” were really impacted by housing discrimination.

According to the Daily Mail, another activist, Deon Jenkins, demanded that reparations of $800,000 be “handed out.”

Moore additionally insisted in an interview with Spectrum News that there’s a need for a Bureau of African American affairs that would hand out payments.

She claimed her work in California is setting precedent for “other states and localities.”

The report said the discussion also included how how the state may address its impact on black families whose property was seized through eminent domain.

Officials in Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles and other California cities already have begun their own, local, reparations plans.

“California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, a former assemblywoman, wrote the plan creating the task force, and it already has released 500 pages addressing ‘discriminatory’ policies in the state,” the report said.

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1 year ago

If we allocate the cost of the civil war among all of the black population freed at that time we paid a hell of a lot more than $350,000 peperson
then. In todays dollars it is even mire per person. If you add the cost of welfare and other monetary give seats I estimate the every black in America todays owes the U S Treasury between $100 and $150,000 dollars and rising every year until the free loaders get a job.
nobody gave me a damn thing for the discrimination every new ethnic group went through upon arriving in America. These other groups worked their ass off to avoid the discrimination.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Someone should tell these uppity blacks that the Irish were the first slaves in America. Blacks cannot claim sole ownership of the word “victim”. Blacks that were never slaves are the only ones whining about being slaves. Imagine that?

1 year ago

Maybe they should see the descendents of those blacks that sold their people into slavery to pay the restitutions. What about all the other races that were slaves? There just weren’t blacks as slaves. What about all the people that were mistreated through the centuries by those in power? $350,000 is only the starting price, I guarantee it will go up. At some point it will be that plus counting for inflation over the years and add to that the interest that money would have made. It’s a ridiculous proposition no matter how you count it. Maybe give nobody anything and let them have the opprotunity to earn what they get. Then the government can take it away in taxes to misuse.