WATCH: MSNBC Hilariously States It’s “Un-American” To Criticize Biden’s Brittney Griner Prisoner Swap

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MSNBC host Alicia Menendez spent a good portion of her virtually unknown show on the little-watched network talking about how terrible it is that some people think that trading a monster for a single prisoner release from Russia because Biden doesn’t have the balls to take on Putin wasn’t the most wonderful thing.

Biden gave up a massively valuable and incredibly dangerous prisoner in exchange for America-hating NBA star Brittney Griner, leaving Paul Whelan behind, and if you don’t think that’s awesome you are a racist homophobe, they’ve been saying on the network all weekend.

But Mendendez and her guest Jotaka Eaddy — who apparently was part of some pressure effort to get the deal done no matter the cost to American lives abroad — took it one step further.

You’re not only a racist homophobe, no. If you have ANY criticism of the deal then you’re UN-AMERICAN. Eaddy said the word, Menendez agreed completely.

MSNBC says criticism is un-American.

Gosh y’all I’m just so darn surprised to learn that the people who support censorship, don’t believe in election integrity, and trash Americans every single day are confused about whether criticism is American or not.

Shocked I tell you!!



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1 year ago

???????????????????? thats HILARIOUS!!!
????this transman & his stupid sport.

1 year ago

Dumbest beaches ever
Hey folks when have you ever seen a real woman from birth have an Adam’s Apple?
Just look at that ugly JB Griner tell me she is a real honest to goodness female from birth.
I have asked Mr Putin to prove that Griner is a MALE trying to be a fake female.
I also sent him a case of the same adult diapers Joey Biden uses after he shite on the popes chair. a case of DEPENDS.

Joebi Denstinks
Joebi Denstinks
1 year ago

The drug smuggling lesbian gets set free while more deserving Americans languish for years in Russian penal colonies. The LGBT crowd just got a big Xmas president from our nation’s Pervert-in-Chief Joe Biden.

Joebi Denstinks
Joebi Denstinks
1 year ago

Only morons watch MSNBC.