Leaked Email Reveals Bombshell Criminal Collaboration Between Katie Hobbs And Twitter

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Elon Musk’s releasing of internal Twitter information pertaining to censorship and partisan editing on the social media site has opened Pandora’s box of revelations. They just keep coming.

After Musk’s cleaning house at Twitter headquarters and releasing the fact that information about Hunter Biden’s laptop was squelched, more covert goings-on are becoming evident. Now internal Twitter emails uncovered appear to indicate that another top Democratic candidate’s campaign colluded with staffers on the platform to block accounts that contained so-called election misinformation.

According to reports, the internal Twitter emails reveal that Arizona Democratic Gov.-elect and current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs allegedly teamed up with former Twitter staffers and executives to flag certain users and accounts. The bombshell revelation comes on the heels of Twitter boss Elon Musk, via journalist Matt Taibbi last week, revealed internal company communications showing the platform worked with the Democratic Party to censor conservatives.

Hobbs was recently declared the winner over GOP opponent Kari Lake by less than one point. Current GOP Gov. Doug Ducey, the state attorney general, and the chief justice are all set to certify Hobbs as the winner.

But Lake has not yet conceded to Hobbs. And she has new ammunition to go after Hobbs after Hobbs attempted to get Twitter to delete telling posts. Lake called the revelation about Twitter a “Conflict of Interest, Coercion, Corruption.”

The Daily Wire reports:

According to an email on January 7, 2021, the communications director for Hobbs’ Secretary of State office emailed the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a 501 nonprofit cybersecurity organization, saying they are “flagging” an unidentified Twitter profile for review under the subject line titled “Election Related Misinformation.” The email also included an unknown employee at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch under the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security.

A CIS representative forwarded the message to a Twitter staffer saying, “Please see this report below from the Arizona SOS office. Please let me know if you have any questions.” The Twitter employee then responded in another email: “Thank you … both tweets have been removed from the service.”

One America News Network host Christina Bobb responded in a tweet containing screengrabs of the alleged email communications: “Unreal! Katie Hobbs’s office contacts Twitter to have posts removed! So, the democrat candidate, who ran the AZ election, censored her political opponents, disrupted Election Day votes, and then threatened counties with prosecution if they didn’t declare her the winner.

Lake is calling out Hobbs for her action,

In a video posted to her social media, Lake advised, “stay tuned,” adding that a lawsuit she intends to file includes “at least one smoking gun” whistleblower as well as a “team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections.”

“And you’ll want to stay tuned for this one,” she said. “Trust me.”

Conservative Brief notes that so far, no one has produced any direct evidence of vote fraud, tampering, or disenfranchisement, as of this writing, but revelations continue.

Following Taibbi’s revelations and the latest involving Hobbs, some GOP lawmakers are calling for federal probes into what they allege is election interference, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

“SOS of AZ and Gov candidate, Katie Hobbs, used the power of the AZ SOS to collude w/ Twitter to unconstitutionally violate 1st Amendment rights of Americans for her own political gain,” she wrote on the platform, adding: “This is communism and Hobbs can not be governor. I’m calling for a Federal investigation.”

On Friday, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) called on Musk to release the names of any federal officials involved in alleged censorship requests at Twitter, as Musk posted the implications in the information he released this past week.

“Investigations are coming,” Nehls said.

To that end, a member of the Republican leadership is set to take action against the executives that were in charge of Twitter when the Hunter Biden laptop story was squashed.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer of the House Oversight Committee said he is going to bring in staffers who were responsible for burying the story to testify before Congress.

“Every employee at Twitter who was involved in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story will have an opportunity to come before Congress and explain their actions to the American people,” he told Fox News.

“When we announced the investigation of the Biden family and referenced material from the laptop, many in the mainstream media said this is just a conspiracy theory,” he said to host Sean Hannity

“The mainstream media is still trying to use the old talking points the laptop is somehow Russian disinformation,” he said.

The representative said more on Twitter, “In January, I can promise you this. Every @Twitter employee involved in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story will have an opportunity to come before @GOPoversight and explain their actions to the American people. @elonmusk has provided facts for Americans.

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Donald Nicholas
Donald Nicholas
1 year ago

It’s difficult to believe that any democrat would feel comfortable doing what everyone from the DOJ, FBI, presidential campaigns and many State and local democrats do and have done without so much as a peep from the media. I suppose that’s because they are at one accord.

Peter Piper
Peter Piper
1 year ago

Yes, they stick together very well. That’s their secret. They have no morals so that helps. Republicans, on the other hand, have a few morals, That means they have a guiding compass that keeps them on the straight and narrow for the most part. Sure we have some RINOs and other republicans who have no problem with cheating, but for the most part Republicans like to hold to a few morals. That keeps them from sticking together on the road to hell when it comes to voting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peter Piper
Peter Piper
Peter Piper
1 year ago

If THIS doesn’t wake you up NOTHING will. “Hobbs was recently declared the winner over GOP opponent Kari Lake by less than one point.” Come on… we ALL know that Kari Lake outran Hobbs by FAR more than that. This alone should prove to you that there was a lot of cheating going on with the democrats. It wasn’t even close. Kari Lake won the election by FAR GREATER than one point. We all know that. But today, when something is obvious, the left asks us to PROVE it. The problem is that we cheat FAR LESS than democrats so we are not savvy enough to figure out how they are cheating, although we have already proven some of the ways.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peter Piper
1 year ago

No schiff
Whens someone gonna do something about it?