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WATCH: Highly Suspicious Ballot Box Dropoff Video from Maricopa County Raises SERIOUS Questions In Tight AZ Election

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Kari Lake is not giving up her belief that something very wrong has unfolded in her state’s elections, and she is not giving up on being the next Republican Governor of Arizona because there are still far too many problems with the election that need to be investigated and corrected, including what appears to be ballot harvesting.

And there are also deeply concerning issues with the ballot and vote tabulation machines that were rejecting votes in the November midterms and that had been sent to voting locations with low toner cartridges.

Lake says she is still in the fight, and one attorney offered her some freed advice on what her first exhibit should be, hinting the election results need to be addressed in a court of law- and that the Lake campaign needs to take readily available public footage with them.


According to the video above the elections, the supervisor said that 20% of machines were not operational at the time of the election and after 44,000 votes had gone through, saying, “we are working as fast as possible to correct this problem.”

Becker News also reported with video of problematic and suspicious ballot drop-off footage:

A video of drop-offs at ballot boxes in Maricopa County is raising questions about whether ‘ballot harvesting’ played a role in the extremely tight Arizona governor’s race.

The footage shows driver after driver dropping off multiple ballots — three, four, and five at a time — as well as packets into the drop box.


The surveillance footage is time-stamped from late October and early November 2022. It features voiceover from Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs, as well as a message at the end that may not be suitable for children. It was posted on Twitter by @Lauren3ve.

While it is legal for voters to drop off ballots from one’s own household, ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona. The Supreme Court of the United States upheld Arizona’s election integrity laws concerning ballot harvesting and out-of-precinct voting in July 2021.

In 2016, Arizona passed HB 2023 to restrict ballot harvesting in Arizona unless the person collecting the ballot is a family member, a person living in the same household, or a caregiver. Since the 1970s, Arizona has required people to vote at their specific precinct.

After Secretary of State Katie Hobbs refused to defend these measures, a court battle was ensured. The Ninth Circuit rendered a decision to strike the measures down. Attorney General Mark Brnovich asked SCOTUS to review the ruling. The High Court ruled in favor of upholding the Arizona law.

However, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs presided over her own governor’s race in Arizona. She refused to recuse herself from election oversight, declined to participate in any debates with her opponent Kari Lake, and ran what many political observers remarked was an underwhelming campaign.

The election itself was plagued by lengthy delays of nearly a week; it was sullied by voting machines going down in nearly 30% of majority red districts on Election Day when most Republicans turn out. A judge refused to extend voting hours to accommodate the widespread disruption to the voting process.

Kari Lake has not yet conceded in the governor’s race. She gave a message to her supporters on Thursday.

“Arizona, we are still in the fight,” Lake said.

In Arizona, there is the possibility of a recount in the election. However, the results stand just outside the automatic recall margin: Hobbs leads Lake, according to the official count, by 0.6%. The margin needed to trigger an automatic recount is 0.5%.

Under Arizona law, there are other circumstances that may trigger a recount.

“An election recount is a process by which votes cast in an election are re-tabulated to verify the accuracy of the original results,” Ballotpedia notes. “Recounts typically occur in the event of a close margin of victory, following accusations of election fraud, or due to the possibility of administrative errors. Recounts can either occur automatically or be requested by a candidate or voters.”

Recounts, however, may not be requested in the state.

More conservatives and Republicans are so disillusioned by the current election rules that they believe that it is time to adopt the Democrats’ own strategies for winning elections.

Charlie Kirk, the head of TPUSA, has become increasingly vocal on this point. Kirk was a vocal critic of the Arizona governor’s race, although he believed Lake would ultimately triumph in the end.

“I miss politics where the better arguments and the hardest working candidates won elected office,” Kirk said. “Now it’s a matter of which political machine can capture the most ballots in a 30 day window. So be it, we will now have to beat the left at the game.”

It is telling that not a single ‘America First’ candidate for Secretary of State has yet been able to win in the 2023 midterm elections. Meanwhile, even blue states are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore that mass mail-in ballots increase the potentiality for fraud.

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Donald Nicholas
Donald Nicholas
1 year ago

Don’t worry, the AZ secretary of state bureaucracy has assured a favorable outcome. Let’s see, who’s the secretary of state? Oh yeah, it’s Lake’s democrat opponent. No sweat.

Last edited 1 year ago by Donald Nicholas
Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

yup… nothing to see here folks! ……….. Again

1 year ago

Katie Hobbs is a corrupt person just like all the Demonrats are. This is a scam and she have never been allowed to be Az secretary of state whiile voting is going on. Give me a break. DO NOT CONCEDE Kari.

1 year ago

the “delusional, socialist, new world order, fascist/commie, utopiast, democrat – rino – uniparty with their propaganda, lies & doublespeak – the lame stream media” are saying “move along, nothing to see here…

1 year ago

If you are guilty of voter fraud do you really think you’re going to admit it? Only a blithering idiot would believe that, yet that is what the media and democrats are wanting us to buy. How many times have you seen a politician being arrested and claiming he is totally innocent, only to later prove that he was as guilty as anything. This is the same thing, they keep saying there is no voter fraud or it is so minor yet we see constantly evidence that it is rampant. Usually favoring democrats who want to make election laws easier. Think there is a motive for it?

1 year ago

And yet, your RINO’s have made NO ATTEMPT over the years to fix this. They are complicit in this corruption, I wonder how much money one gets paid to betray your fellow man? What is the cost of a TRAITOR?