WATCH: Tucker Carlson Calls For End To Electronic Voting Machines, Says They Pose ‘Actual Threat To Democracy’

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Democracy was indeed on the ballot Tuesday, and Dominion Voting systems failed spectacularly on election day 2022.

What happened in Arizona proves that the suspicious vote tabulation machines are not suitable for determining winners and losers in important democratically held elections- so they need to be removed, is the opinion of many political pundits.

Fox News reported on the early-day problems with the machines:

Officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, say they have found a solution after roughly 20% of their polling sites were experiencing “issues” with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened.

The county’s election department said it had identified the solution for the tabulation issues at about 60 Vote Centers.

“This solution has worked at 17 locations, and technicians deployed throughout the county are working to resolve this issue at the remaining locations,” the Maricopa County Elections Department tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The county said technicians had changed the printer settings, and the issue appears to have been resolved.

“It appears some of the printers were not producing dark enough timing marks on ballots,” the county tweeted.

Chairman to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates told Fox News earlier Tuesday that the county had experienced “hiccups” with about 20% of the county’s tabulators.

Gates said an issue has arisen when people attempt to run their ballots through the tabulator and are unable to successfully do so as their ballots are being spat back out at them.”

The most recent election update on the Governor’s race in Arizona shows a state whose counting has been suspended with 66% of the vote in and with the Democrat leading with a razor-thin lead.

“Arizona’s top election official, Katie Hobbs, who defended the state’s 2020 election results, is the Democrat competing with Kari Lake, a Republican and former news anchor who has become a champion of the far right,”is how the New York Times describes the race.

Lake has tried to address the disastrous machines all day according to news reports, asking for polling places to extend their hours so that people could vote:

“A judge has denied a request made by the lawyers for Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters to extend voting hours until 10 p.m. on Election Day.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Ryan denied a request from Republicans to keep the polls open, saying that he didn’t see evidence that people were not allowed to vote.”

And if there weren’t any machines, there never would be any voting tabulation errors.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for an end to the use of electronic voting machines Tuesday night, citing issues in Arizona where nearly one-fifth of the machines broke down.

At least 20% of Maricopa County, Arizona tabulation machines malfunctioned, leading Republicans to file litigation seeking extended voting hours. A judge denied the request.

“I feel so sorry for you, Bret, and Martha, because it will probably be a very late night for you and a tense one. And it points up the problem. Look, the country is really closely divided in a lot of places,” Carlson told host Bret Bair. Pennsylvania is one. Nevada is another. Arizona. Lots of different places. And so, you’re going to have close election results…People have to have confidence that those results are real, that they can trust the mechanics of the election. And what happened today in Maricopa County, where some huge percentage of voting machines, electronic voting machines, according to The Arizona Republic, 30 percent, they claim these are Dominion voting machines, but it almost doesn’t matter.”


“Electronic voting machines didn’t allow people to vote apparently. And that, whatever you think of it, the cause of it, it shakes people’s faith in the system. That is an actual threat to democracy,” Carlson continued.

“Republican gubernatorial candidates blasted Maricopa County over the malfunctions, saying, “I hope it isn’t malice” before vowing to fix Arizona’s election system if elected. Former President Donald Trump narrowly lost Arizona in the 2020 election, a result confirmed by a report by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors,” Harold Hutchison reported for Biz Pac Review about the Carlson segment.

“We’re not really very serious about democracy if we’re using electronic voting machines, or for not requiring photo ID to vote. We could have secure elections, we don’t because a small number of people don’t want them,” Carlson said. “But until we do, you’re going to have these moments where everybody in the country fears volatility, because one side doesn’t believe the result is real. And you’ve seen it on both sides. You saw it yesterday, Democrats suggesting that electronic voting machines could be hacked. Democrats. This ran in Politico. So, it’s not just the crazy right, it’s that everybody is losing faith in the system itself.”

“So, I hope if there’s one thing that comes out of this, and I hope it’s bipartisan, no more electronic voting machines. France doesn’t use them because they care about democracy,” Carlson said. “Require ID and then we can just call it a day, everyone knows the election results can be believed, and the temperature goes down. I really hope that happens.”

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1 year ago

electronic voting is voter fraud from the word go!
Along with mail in voting!

Manual voting on 1 day with paper ballots is the only way!!!

Elizabeth Jessee
Elizabeth Jessee
1 year ago
Reply to  John

I saw that in Memphis, Tn 20 years ago: The machine changed my REPUBLICAN VOTE TO DEMONRAT before my eyes and when I DEMANDED A PAPER BALLOT, I was told WE WILL CORRECT IT LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Jessee
Elizabeth Jessee
1 year ago


Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Voting machines can only be outlawed in a given state by their State Legislature. Even those with majority Republican won’t “go there” for fear of backlash from those whose re-election campaigns rely on contributions from ‘captured corporations’.

James Lister
James Lister
1 year ago

I’m almost 50 now. Ever since I can remember the election results were given the day of the election. It’s only until very recently that the results are being drawn out for days. Which gives those who want to cheat and steal the opportunity to do so. After what I have seen happen during the 2020 election and now the 2022 midterms proves to me that voting is a waist of time. What good does voting do if the people that are in charge like Katie Hobbs for example? Have the ability to rig the system so they’ll be declared the winner. Regardless of what the exit poles actually show.

Plus with all of the policies and other things being done by the Democrats that are in power. Everyone’s bills are going to go up. I expect to see a electric bill in the months to come to end up being a mortgage payment or more every month. I see people paying $20.00 or more for a gallon of gasoline. I see people paying 4x their mortgage payment for home heating oil and gas in the months to come. I see people freezing to death in their own homes because of electric blackouts due to all of the coal fired power plants being taken offline. I see shipping companies closing because they can’t afford paying $30.00 or more a gallon for diesel fuel to bring food to grocery stores and other goods elsewhere. That is what I see that is going to happen in the months to come. And it’s will be the fault of the people in charge at the local, state and federal government levels. And all I see them doing is playing the blame game pointing their fingers at each other. When in reality they ARE ALL TO BLAME FOR THIS INCLUDING THOSE IN THE CORPORATE NEWS MEDIA. Like MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, THE VIEW and a whole laundry list of others.

1 year ago

The 737 Max aircraft is not the only instance with flawed (intentionally or not) software…