BREAKING: Republicans Flip Three More Seats, Brings Total To 10 With More To Come…

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(UPDATED with latest news)

Republicans have flipped two more seats in the House, bringing the total to 9 flips so far. And I believe there are more to come.

Overnight Monica De La Cruz flipped her seat from blue to red in Texas’ 15th district:

A little further north Derrick Van Orden flipped his seat from blue to red as well in Wisconsin’s 3rd district:

There are still a few districts around the county that haven’t been called yet that could/should be flips. A couple in New York, one in Iowa, and if we’re lucky one in Maryland. That would easily bring the total to 12, but we won’t count our chickens until they hatch.

I think it’s without question though that Republicans will win the House, and by a margin closer than we’d hoped.

UPDATE: Make that 10 seats flipped by Republicans. We just took a seat in New York’s Long Island:

This race was actually called last night, but CNN didn’t project Santos a winner until now, which is why I’m just now posting it.



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